3 Awkwardness Felt by Nirina Zubir’s Family in the Tanah Riri Khasmita Mafia Conference

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The panel of judges at the West Jakarta District Court (PN) held a case hearing land mafia on Tuesday (17/5/2022).

At the hearing on the agenda of the reporter’s testimony, the public prosecutor presented: Nirina Zubir. Also present were witnesses of the facts, Nirina’s sister and brother, Fadhlan Karim and Rizqullah Ramadhan.

Nirina’s family is happy because they can expose the actions of the defendant’s spouse Riri Khasmita and Edirianto, as well as PPAT notaries Farida, Ina Rosiana, and Erwin Riduan.

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Even so, Nirina’s family was dissatisfied with yesterday’s trial because they felt there were some irregularities.

1. Not invited to read the indictment

Nirina’s family questioned the Public Prosecutor for not inviting them to attend the trial reading the charges against the five defendants.

At the trial yesterday, they only learned that the inaugural trial was held on April 12, 2022.

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The lawyer for Nirina’s family, Ruben Jeffry, did not deny that the reading of the indictment for them could still be carried out without the presence of his client.

“(But) we should have been invited. Because our client is a party who is willing to directly, suffer direct losses from the defendant who is being tried. So I told Nirina that we would be invited,” said Ruben when met in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, Wednesday ( 18/5/2022).

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Even so, Nirina’s family has not yet directly asked the prosecutor the reason for not inviting them to attend the trial reading the indictment.

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“Only, if you ask, have we sent a letter to be notified to be present at every trial? Yes, we have sent it to the public prosecutor. We have sent a letter dated May 10 to the Jakarta Attorney General’s Office and West Jakarta Attorney General’s Office,” said Ruben.

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