28-year-old investor Janata is accused of fraud worth 1.5 billion crowns

The miraculous child of the world of investment, he could still be called Ondřej Janata. The 28-year-old investor, who spoke in the interviews about his collection of luxury cars and about hundreds of millions in the account, had great ambitions and plans. He is now accused of fraud worth 1.5 billion crowns.



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Source: Unsplash / Jason Briscoe / free to use (illustrative image)

Only 28-year-old Czech Ondřej Janata was portrayed in the media as a miracle boy in the world of big investments. The villa in Chuchle, the collection of luxury cars and also the hundreds of millions on the account were symbols that presented it to the public. Janata established his own investment fund called Growing Way, with which he promised potential investors up to a 30 percent appreciation of their invested money. Everything in his life seemed perfect.

However, the situation now turns against the young ambitious man to his detriment. The National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ) announced on Thursday that Janat has been under investigation for several days on suspicion of extraordinary fraud, which should amount to up to 1.5 billion crowns.

“The fraud was to be committed through a so-called non-public alternative fund. One person, the company’s executive, was charged in this case. The said person was to attract funds in the total amount of approximately 1.5 billion crowns through the offer of investments, “ NCOZ spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej said about the ongoing investigation, stating that he did not give any specific names.

The magazine informed about it Forbes, who in the past did an interview with Janata, from which the young investor came out very positively. Later, after clarifying the new facts, Forbes downloaded this interview from its website and on Facebook published an explanation with an apology.


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“After the responses of readers, which also suggested that Mr. Janata’s business is not the way he paints it for the media, we looked at the article again and acknowledged that it did not meet our requirements for information verification or editorial and editorial quality. We therefore decided to download it from our website, “ writes Forbes.

Police write in its Thursday reportthat he is currently of the opinion that Janat ‘s Growing Way Fund operated on the principle Ponzi schemewhen they are attributed to investors fictitious profits, which, however, do not result from successful trading in the markets, but are paid out of deposits from new investors.

According to current information, Janata himself has not yet commented on the accusation. He allegedly does not respond to the SMS and does not answer the phones since the morning. According to the aforementioned Forbes magazine, he defended himself against criminalists by transferring part of these funds from investors from the fund to brokerage accounts abroad, where he traded with them. This should mean that the money should exist somewhere and be gradually transferred back to his fund accounts. NCOZ announced that it managed to secure about a billion crowns out of the total amount at the moment.

Janata is now being investigated by the police. Due to the current investigation, his house in Prague’s Chuchle is built and guarded, including all vehicles. However, the whole case will be investigated, so the question of his guilt or innocence is currently uncertain.

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Preview image: Unsplash / Jason Briscoe / free to use (illustrative image)


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