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2500 liters of diesel straight into the sea:

The fire brigade in Bergen states that the work of calling in the diesel platform with booms has begun.

– There will be an odor in the affected area, the fire service writes on Twitter.

Acting duty commander Shahrooz Lahooti in the fire service West confirms that 2500 liters of diesel have gone into the sea and created a membrane in the water.

– For people nearby, it looks awfully big, Lahooti says to TV 2.

Crews from the fire department are on site. Together with the defense, they have implemented damage mitigation measures.

– Booms have been placed around the platform to try to call it in, otherwise it would drift towards the sea. Diesel spills at sea look awful, and it smells pretty bad, says the guard commander.

The Armed Forces has the main responsibility for damage mitigation measures on site.

Press spokesman Preben Aursand at the Armed Forces’ operational headquarters says that the accident happened during refueling of the frigate KNM «Thor Heyerdahl».

– It is very high pressure when you refuel a frigate. And it is under filling that there has been over-bunkering, says Aursand to TV 2.

– Has it happened before that you have overcrowded so much on some of the frigates?

– I do not know. We work all the time to ensure that this does not happen, but it can happen, says Aursand.

The Armed Forces is now working, in collaboration with the fire service, police and the Coastal Administration, on site.

– Measures have been implemented to pull up diesel from the water surface, he says.

The case is being updated!

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