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2024 Oscars Nominees: Where to Watch the Films and Controversy Surrounding the Nominations

If you are a movie lover, you are probably already preparing for the big day. Yes, we are talking about the 2024 Oscars, which will take place on March 10 and everything looks like it will be a canonical event.

We are sure that there will be memorable moments, without a Will Smith as the protagonist, because the competition is very close. In fact, since the announcement of the nominations there has already been controversy.

Barbie, since its announcement, became one of the most anticipated films, and once released, one of the highest grossing films. He highlighted her feminist speech and the talent of all the women who participated.

However, voters felt that “it was not enough,” so even though Margot Robbie y Greta Gerwig appear on the list of nominees, her work does not particularly stand out in important categories such as Best Leading Actress or Best Director.

The interesting thing is that, curiously, Ryan Gosling, who played Ken, does stand out in Best Supporting Actor and also in Best Original Song for the song. I’m Just a Ken. Obviously it is something that caused great controversy among fans, as it would be showing that Hollywood continues to be the “safe place” for patriarchy.

So you can imagine what’s coming (if that’s just the beginning).

Anyway, so that you can prepare your pool, we tell you where and when to see the films nominated for the 2024 Oscars (See the full list here), some are already streaming and others have not yet been released.

Where to watch films nominated for the 2024 Oscars

In theaters:

  • Anatomy of a fall: premieres on January 25 in Mexican cinemas.
  • Those that remain (The Holdover): available in Mexican cinemas.
  • poor creatures: cinemas.
  • Past Lives: opens in theaters on February 1.
  • The area of ​​interest: available in theaters from February 15

And streaming

  • American Fiction: The film is on sale on Amazon Prime Video in the United States and is expected to reach other countries through this channel.
  • Barbie: available on HBO Max and upcoming re-release in theaters.
  • The Moon Killers: Apple TV.
  • Maestro: Netflix.
  • Oppenheimer: available for rent on Prime Video, ClaroVideo and Apple TV.
  • The Snow Society: and Netflix.
  • Perfect Days: Bad.
  • I captain: premieres March 7 in theaters.
  • Teacher’s room: The tape is not available in Mexico.
  • The Boy and the Heron: available in theaters.
  • Elements: Disney +.
  • Nimona: Netflix.
  • Robot Dreams: At the moment not available in Mexico.
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: disponible en HBO Max, ClaroVideo, Amzon Prime Video y Apple Tv.

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