As her mother gave birth to her, with sound and pictures, on the wedding night.. A Gulf bride, Sarokh, records the wedding night for an hour with her husband, without shame, and publishes the video.

A 50-minute continuous video clip of a Kuwaiti bride and her groom on the first night of their marriage spread on social media, which caused a sensation about who filmed this clip. While the police later discovered the real reason for what happened, to reveal that the bride was the one who caused this disaster, […]

spinning line (may) hurt

This time, I would like to please “saipun” or people who like cycling. What injuries may occur from this sport? Let’s read the cause and find a way to prevent it. 1. Pain in the lower back or lower back It is a symptom that often occurs with the “crouching tiger” group, which when cycling […]

Blockade lifted in Santa Cruz Bamba

Santa Cruz Bamba, Tehuantepec, lifted this Friday night the blockade that the ejidatarios maintained for several days at kilometer 288, of coastal highway 200, to the Salina Cruz-Huatulco section. Luis Tomás España Pérez, legal representative of the company Atalea SA de CV, meets with the representatives of the ejidos of Rincón Bamba, Garrapaterro as well […]

Trains ran into large amounts of snow – passengers are crying

Photo: Olav Johannes Sjøvold Passengers were stuck for hours after the Meråkerbanen ran into the snow. Published: Less than 3 hours ago Updated just now Between 15 and 20 passengers were stuck after a train ran into large amounts of snow on the Meråkerbanen on Saturday evening. It was the train between Trondheim and Storlien […]

The battle against Londongrad

We are sightseeing in Londongrad. The city got its nickname because it is precisely here that wealthy Russians choose to buy luxury homes. Some are behind high fences, others at street level. Some in the west, others in north London, but what they all have in common is that the owner does not live here. […]

The request could not be satisfied

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I bow down to Zuleyha

Victor Rossani 4 March 2023 Terra amara / Hunkar Demir is currently in prison and Hunkar doesn’t trust Zuleyha’s words and initiatives at all: she believes that the girl may decide to flee permanently and go to Yilmaz. Rumors are also beginning to circulate according to which the Yaman family may by now have lost […]