In the video… the story of a Pakistani resident who hasn’t slept for 3 weeks… and he can’t think of why!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Pakistani resident in the Kingdom detailed the details of his inability to sleep for 3 weeks due to the head injury he sustained. He said, during his appearance in a video clip, that he hadn’t slept for 3 weeks, neither night nor day, due to the pain in his head after being … Read more

After the German Reichstag cut energy consumption, the temperature dropped dramatically. Members of parliament wore down jackets and scarves and kept stamping their feet_Hangzhou Net

The temperature dropped sharply after the German Reichstag cut energy consumption Hangzhou network Release time: 2022-11-29 02:20 Overseas Network, November 28. According to a report on the German website “Der Spiegel Weekly” on the 25th, the German Federal Parliament has started to reduce energy consumption. Members are trying to use various methods to heat their … Read more

Other than washing and stain removal.. Uncommon applications for laundry bleach

Follow-up – Lujain Ismail: As well as clean clothes. People use laundry bleach to wash clothes and remove stains from them. Some even use it to disinfect other substances. Here are some uncommon applications for laundry bleach. Disinfection of planted gardens and flower beds Bleach is mixed with water and used to clean the inside … Read more

Superstar returns to World Cup squad; Good news for France

Superstar returns to World Cup squad; Good news for France French super striker Karim Benzema is expected to return to the World Cup squad. The player had to sit out the tournament due to injury just hours before the start of the World Cup in Qatar. Now the French media have spread the news of … Read more

where the son of “poor Nastya” not recognized as a star of the USSR disappeared

November 28, 2022 8:45 pm He decided to go his own way. The romance of “poor Nastya” Elena Korikova and Dmitry Roshchin began beautifully and romantically. When the actress told her lover that she was expecting a child, her joy knew no bounds. However, Roshchina’s mother, the outstanding Soviet artist Ekaterina Vasilyeva, intervened in the … Read more

Monkeypox: Global health experts give it a new name after several complaints

7 hours ago image copyright Getty Images The World Health Organization has announced that monkeypox will henceforth be known as ‘mbox’, following complaints about racist language used to name the virus and associated stigma. The old term will be used alongside the new term for one year before being phased out. The decision to name … Read more

Spectacular demonstration shakes China, bloc asks Xi Jinping to withdraw

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Rare protests have taken place in major Chinese cities. Hundreds of people took to the streets in major cities across the country on Sunday (11/27/2022). Wall Street Journal he also reported that the rally also called for the ruler, Xi Jinping, to step down. This is due to the blocking rule … Read more