“Giza Education” Announces November Exam Schedules for Transportation Classes

The Directorate of Education and Technical Education in Giza Governorate announced the tables Exams November for the transfer phases (primary – preparatory – secondary). According to the exam calendar, the students of the fourth and fifth grades of primary school will take the Arabic language and religious education exam on Sunday 4/12, and the science […]

Vivo X90 Pro+ and X90 Pro enter the one-inch camera phone battle

Vivo X90Pro+ published in April VivoX80 While the series is still considered a strong camera so far, judging by its refresh rate compared to the previous generation, it is obvious that the manufacturer has reserved the plunge for the second half of the year. After many warm-ups, the new flagship x90 The series finally debuted […]

The James Webb telescope discovers two of the oldest satellite galaxies in the universe

The James Webb Telescope has revealed that it has captured several images of two of the oldest satellite galaxies ever seen. The images, taken by James Webb, revealed that the two galaxies were much brighter than expected, meaning astronomers are reconsidering their beliefs about how the first stars formed. Studies conducted by scientists reveal that […]

| New units of measurement are rhona, quetta, ronto, queto…

London: four other adjectives to the set of milli, centi, kilo… Rhona, kwetta, ronto, kwato are placed before measures such as meter and litre. Rona meter, Quata meter, Ronawatts, Rona litres, etc. Ronto and kwato are used for small numbers and rona and kwta are used for large numbers. A Rona meter means that there […]

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Manchester United

3 hours ago image copyright Average AP photo comment, Cristiano Ronaldo’s last appearance for Manchester United came in a 3-1 defeat by Aston Villa on 6 November. Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United after strong disagreements with manager Eric ten Hag. The decision came after a controversial television interview in which the 37-year-old […]

[Avviso]For European Economic Area (EEA) and UK Customers – Yahoo! JAPAN

As of Wednesday, April 6, 2022, Yahoo! JAPAN is no longer available in the EEA and UK Please note that as of Wednesday, April 6, 2022 Yahoo! JAPAN’s services are no longer available to our users in the EEA (European Economic Area) and the United Kingdom, as determined by Yahoo! JAPAN that providing a continuous […]

– Nonsense we want to kill the beluga whale Hvaldimir – NRK Troms and Finnmark

The waves are high on the expected reserve for Hvaldimir and other tame whales. The plans are to blockade the entire Kommagfjord on Sørøya in Hammerfest municipality. The Hammerfest presidency recently refused to lend moral support to the project. They’ll wait until it’s further investigated. Hvaldimir has previously been in captivity in Russia and has […]

The 2nd matchday of the women’s Bundesliga in preview

On matchday two of the women’s Bundesliga, 1. FC Köln wants to confirm the positive impression of the first win against Hoffenheim in the Rhenish derby. The ambitious TSG, on the other hand, wants to avoid a false start against champions Wolfsburg. There are also two duels that could show the balance of power in […]

Zelensky accuses Russia of turning winter into a weapon of mass destruction

Kiev – President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to say Russia trying to use winter as a weapon of mass destruction. Zelensky said that Russia is deliberately attacking energy infrastructure so that Ukraine cannot face the winter. “The Kremlin wants to turn this winter’s cold into a weapon of mass destruction,” Zelensky told a meeting of […]