Video: Ainars Bagatskis tries out the modernized ‘BMW X3’

“B”, “M” and “W” – these three letters make the eyes of many car enthusiasts all over the world and also in Latvia shine brighter. For more than 106 years, this Munich-based German car company has been producing cars whose main task is to enjoy the journey. This time the studio “RJ76 Films” show “Silent […]

Russia nearing default – interest period expires

Russia faces the first default in more than 100 years. The country makes no move to pay interest on two bonds. Image: Reuters – The state has to pay $100 million in interest on two government bonds issued in dollars and euros, but it has made no move to do so. It would be Russia’s […]

Dead and dozens injured after stands collapse at Colombia bullfight | NOW

At least four people, including a child, have been killed in Colombia after part of the stands of an arena collapsed during a bullfight. At least 70 other spectators were injured, including 30 seriously. This is confirmed by the governor of the Tolima department. Videos are circulating on social media showing the wooden bleachers collapsing […]

Success with Artemis I Mission Test, NASA Prepares Rocket Launch to Moon

PROGRAM testing for NASA’s super-large and super-expensive Space Launch System has now been completed. Thus the United States Space Agency announced on Friday (24/6) as reported TechCrunch. They have now completed their Artemis I demonstration mission to the moon. This is the first step in a long planned mission to finally return humans to the […]

Lorry-les-Metz. The photos of Laurent Dupont to see right now

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To have a legal abortion, American women will have to travel hundreds of kilometers

via Associated PressMost abortions are now illegal in Missouri after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to end constitutional abortion protections. – Le New York Times estimates that a quarter of American women of childbearing age will have to travel at least 322 kilometers (200 miles) to access an abortion. According to the calculations of our […]

NASA rocket launched from Australia for the first time in 27 years

NASA is the first customer of the commercial space base run by Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA). Seventy NASA employees traveled to the remote base for the three launches, the first from Australia since 1995, when rockets were launched from the military’s Woomera Range Complex in the south of the continent. Michael Jones, CEO of ELA, […]