Gas Russia, Cacciari and Draghi’s words: “I’m left with salt”

“Peace or air conditioner on?”. The words spoken by Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the hypothesis of blocking the import of gas from Russia surprised Massimo Cacciari. “The joke of the Prime Minister left me with salt, with salt … Sanctions certainly have an impact, they are a tool that has always been used to […]

Leipzig: Porsche shortly before interrupting production due to the Ukraine war

Due to delivery bottlenecks, Porsche wants to interrupt the construction of cars at the Leipzig plant. Stuttgart – Because of delivery bottlenecks Porsche in the factory Leipzig stopped building cars. View of the Leipzig Wer von Porsche. © News5/Grube The factory was forced to suspend production from Wednesday afternoon until the end of next week, […]

Equities New York: Tech stocks are stabilizing somewhat

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – On the US stock market, technology stocks have only fallen slightly after their recent downturn. On Thursday, the fact that the yield on ten-year government bonds did not rise as much provided some relief. Recently, among other things, it was feared that significantly rising interest rates could increase the financing costs […]

Massacre in Bucha Leads to New Sanctions for Russia

Jakarta – Evidence of torture and murder is emerging more and more from Bucha and other cities in Ukraine abandoned by the Russian military. Russia also received new sanctions related to this. The sanctions against Russia were imposed by the United States, Britain and the European Union on Wednesday (6/4). Several sanctions were also imposed, […]

This fruit is good and safe for the health of diabetics

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Passion fruit, a fruit that is high in vitamin C and fiber. These are the benefits of passion fruit for the health of diabetics. Diabetes, a disease that you should not underestimate. Because diabetes can be life threatening if not given proper treatment. Also Read: Fresh and Delicious! Recognize the Side Effects […]

Alec Baldwin’s wife has revealed a terrible secret

Alec Baldwin’s wife shared one of her most emotional posts on social media. On the occasion of the 64th birthday of the actor, she shared about their most difficult moments. And he pointed out that from now on they will have joy, showing once again that it is his greatest support. The yoga and pilates […]

The new Need for Speed ​​arrives in November

If you can believe the crumbs of information that experts have been ripping out, the latest episode of Need for Speed ​​could be released later this year. Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat a Grubbsnax He said in his show that the latest installment of Need for Speed ​​could debut in November 2022, according to internal industry […]

Chocolate manufacturer Ferrero discovered salmonella contamination in December

Chocolate manufacturer Ferrero has already discovered a salmonella contamination on 15 December at its location in Arlon, Belgium. It was on a filter of tanks with raw materials for the chocolate products, according to a press release. After that discovery, Ferrero decided not to supply the materials and chocolate products that were in the factory […]

In New York, homeless camps in the sights of the new mayor

It’s a scene that has become commonplace in New York: the police dismantled a homeless encampment on a Manhattan sidewalk on Wednesday, but no homeless people agreed to be rehoused in one of the city’s homes, judged too dangerous. Under the boos of anti-eviction activists and in the midst of an imposing police force, employees […]

Acxiom shows what is currently occupying the industry

Frankfurt am Main (ots) – Businesses need customers and customers want to build a relationship with companies they can trust – a symbiosis that only data and technology can make possible. For this reason, data-driven strategies are of crucial importance as the basis for marketing decisions and measures in companies. The customer intelligence company Acxiom […]