Here’s Xiaomi’s fast-charging smartphone, the Xiaomi 11T Pro (x)

Not only can the Xiaomi 11T Pro be 100% charged in record time, but thanks to its cameras, it can take photos and videos that very few smartphones can do today. From October, one of Xiaomi ‘s latest high – end devices, the Xiaomi 11T Pro, which provides industry – leading technology in fast charging. […]

“I always retire for a good reason”

As we remember, Novak Djokovic struggled a lot during his early years on the Tour, calling for medical timeouts and collecting a few strikeouts during his matches. For example, Djokovic couldn’t stay on court for an entire match against Roger Federer in Monte Carlo 2008, and he also retired to the Australian Open the following […]

If you use WhatsApp voicemail messages, you will love this new feature

As a messaging service, WhatsApp isn’t just about sending or receiving text. There are many other means of communication and the most widely used is undoubtedly the sending of audio messages. These allow you to send a larger volume of information and are more natural. This is a simple process, but with some limitations, which […]

Expensive and scarce coal in Asia

Published on : 11/10/2021 – 00:11 The price of coal is soaring, whether it is thermal coal or coking coal. And the situation is becoming critical in India and China. With 220 dollars per tonne on average these days against 50 dollars in spring 2020, Australian coal prices illustrate the extent of the surge in […]

Ex Guard Claims To Have Video Of Ex-President Ghani Escape With Bag Of Money

loading… ACCEPTANCE – The former bodyguard said he had security camera footage that the former President Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani carrying a bag filled with money when he fled the country last August. This is the latest report and at the same time refutes the confession of the Afghan leader who is backed by United States […]

Alert! New Virus from Japan Named Yezo Snoops

JAKARTA, HARIANHALUAN.COM – After China, now a new virus is found in Japan. Even virus it has infected several residents Japan. Its name, Yezo virus, corresponds to the name of the prefecture that has been identified by researchers from Yezo University. This virus is transmitted through tick bites and causes a number of symptoms. These […]