Bahia X America-MG – Supersports

41 2 time Nino Paraba fired from the right, but disarmed by the defense as soon as he steps into the area. 40 2 time Ongoing for the Brazilian: Internacional 1×1 Palmeiras – Santos 0x0 Sport. 39 2 time Sure finishes: Bahia 6 – 8 America-MG. 38 2 time America-MG arrives at the attack exchanging […]

The original source code for the World Wide Web was auctioned at 116 million crowns

Non-interchangeable tokens are electronic identifiers that, with the help of blockchain technology, confirm that a digital collector’s item is authentic. The auctioned NFT was created by Berners-Lee in 2021. It confirms ownership of various digital items from the time he introduced the World Wide Web in 1989, including 9555 lines of source code from 1990 […]

Oppo shows off Reno6, has a thin and light body

JAKARTA, – Oppo soon to release a new smartphone for the Indonesian market, the Reno6. Ahead of the launch, the company showcased the phone. According to PR Manager Oppo Aryo Meidianto, Oppo Reno6 still carries the same design language as its successor, applying Reno Glow. Oppo improved this technique on Reno6 devices with 5 […]

Alderman Venray resigns after no-confidence motion for land deal

The Venray alderman for Land Affairs Jan Loonen (CDA) has given the appearance of a conflict of interest three times in a land deal with the Limburg Water Board. That appears from an integrity investigation (.pdf) by Berenschot consultancy. No evidence was found that there was an actual conflict of interest. Nevertheless, the city council […]

New York scraps almost all corona measures

New York is canceling almost all measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Last year, the American state was still considered a corona fire, but now more than 70 percent of adult residents have had at least one dose of a corona vaccine. Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday it is time to “return […]

Few are aware of the mistakes not to make in the heat to stay healthy

With the arrival ofestate the ever higher temperatures and the heat are felt.The strong heat puts our body to the test, which often responds with a situation of strong stress.To get some refreshment, almost all of us resort to the use of air conditioners and fans, but getting cool is not enough.In this article we […]