Man races in carnival parade: More than 50 injured, including 18 children

Man races: 61 injured ++ 20 children ++ offenders in custody Pre-trial detention has been ordered against the motorist, who is said to have injured more than 60 people on the Monday Monday train in Volkmarsen in Hesse. The 29-year-old German is accused of attempted murder, dangerous bodily harm and dangerous interference in road traffic. […]

10 foods high in vitamin D.

You are tired, you can hardly concentrate, you lack strength and you may even have gained weight? You may have a vitamin D deficiency. Because if the vitamin D level is in the basement, it is also our mood and energy. We’ll reveal why the vitamin is so important and how you can get it […]

Ice Hockey: victory over the Lausanne line

What if Lausanne missed the play-offs? The question is now being asked for last season’s semifinalist, beaten 3-2 in Rapperswil-Jona in an unforgivable manner on Saturday. The Vaudois, in fact, led 2-0 to the call of the third third before conceding the equalization in numerical superiority to 3’07 “of the siren whereas Andrew Rowe had […]

Man in critical condition: first coronavirus cases in NRW and Baden-Württemberg

Tuesday February 25, 2020 – After Baden-Württemberg, a coronavirus case in North Rhine-Westphalia is now confirmed. The man is currently in the intensive care unit and is to be given artificial respiration there. His wife is also being treated and her condition is stable. After Baden-Württemberg, a patient has also been shown to have the […]

“Dozens of HIV-positive women in South Africa sterilized against their will”

Dozens of pregnant and HIV-positive women have been forced to sterilize hospitals in South Africa. This is apparent from a study by a local Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) into at least 48 complaints. All women had a birth by caesarean section, where the baby is born via the abdominal wall. Sterilization can also be […]

Champions League: Chelsea – Bayern and Napoli – Barcelona

Getty Images — 1.21 Serge Gnabry shoots his Bayern to victory at Chelsea! —- Getty Images — 2.21 The Bayern attacker hits twice at Stamford Bridge. —- imago images / Sportimage — 3.21 Lewandowski puts on twice for Gnabry – then he himself scores 3-0. —- Getty Images — 20/21 Crazy cheering of the Napoli […]

Hardware Info

Hardware Info uses cookies Hardware Info is part of DPG Media. Our sites and apps use cookies, JavaScript and similar technology to provide you with an optimal user experience. This also enables us to record and analyze visitor behavior and add this information to visitor profiles. Cookies can be used to display advertisements on Hardware […]

In Europe, began to abandon LNG from the United States

In February, US LNG shipments to Europe fell by half. At low gas prices, companies in the EU cannot sell it and refuse to receive liquefied gas even under long-term contracts with penalties. Spanish Naturgy refused to receive two LNG cargoes (about 200 million cubic meters) from the US Sabine Pass LNG terminal. This was […]

Two women killed as part of a triple murder in Toa Alta

Two women and one man were shot dead on the afternoon today, Tuesday, in the PR-165, El Cielito sector, in Toa Alta, the Police. One person was arrested at the scene after the crime. According to preliminary information, the violent death was recorded at 5:25 p.m., near a business. At the moment, the victims have […]