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2020 will be a difficult year for these zodiac signs – according to the horoscope

Many start the new year with big plans, good intentions and lots of motivation. Three signs of the zodiac will not be easy in 2020

The year 2020 is still young. But three zodiac signs should already prepare for a difficult time. Special challenges and events that turn life upside down await them.

Aries: Not everything is going according to plan.

Your list of plans and resolutions is long. You are used to making high demands on yourself, but by 2020 you should be prepared for the fact that not everything runs smoothly. If you think that everything is going in a regular way, stones will be put in your way. But don’t worry. Thanks to your strong fighting spirit, you will overcome the obstacles – even if it takes a lot of perseverance and will require strength!

Twins: The pressure is increasing.

2020 will not be a disaster for twins, but at least a rocky one. Important events such as a change of job could mean moving to a new location, where you have to start all over again. You may also cut ties with some friends who you no longer feel you want to have in your life. Especially in May and June, twins born will take a close look at their previous values ​​and make some drastic decisions.

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Libra: friend or foe?

As a scale, you attach great importance to harmony and stability. In 2020, however, you will not always have both. Even if you frequently reflect on and question your relationships, by 2020 there will be people in your life who don’t mean well with you. Your knowledge of human beings will be put to the test and things will not always go exactly as you would like in your job. Some colleagues extend their elbows. It is important to reflect on your own strengths and to keep a cool head.

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