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2 Exoplanets Found Orbiting Sun-like Stars

CALIFORNIA, iNews.id – Two exoplanet with gas giants found orbiting a sun-like star. This exoplanet was discovered thanks to the help of amateur scientists around the world.

Project member Planet The NASA-funded Hunters Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered two exoplanets around a star called HD 152843.

According to NASA, this star is located about 352 light years from Earth and has a mass similar to the Sun. However, it is almost 1.5 times bigger and slightly brighter.

The inner planet of the exoplanet, named HD 152843b, is about 3.4 times larger than Earth or about the size of Neptune. This exoplanet is said to be able to complete an orbit around its star in about 12 days.

Meanwhile, the outermost planet, HD 152843c, is about 5.8 times larger than Earth. The exoplanet found is 27.5 times more massive and makes it a sub-Saturn or Neptune-sized planet. Its orbital period is between 19 and 35 days.

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