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What the decimated HCE team showed on the floor of the Rostock Stadthalle this Saturday was worthy of every honor. After a series of defeats, bad luck with injuries and a lack of luck, the team is showing their audience today what they are made of. In the end it was a safe 33:29 against the favorites from Bietigheim.

Initially disillusioned with the formation of the HCE, without a regular middle player, Kohnagel and Sveinnsson had to pass, Janos Steidtmann and Christian Wilhelm were out for a short time and then this strong opponent. But Empor showed from the start that it should definitely be the second win today.

At first you always fought for the connection, the Bietigheimers came into play better and led 5:4 after 12 minutes. Then Empor came into play better, thanks to a strong Jonas Ottsen, a good defense and strong Robert Wetzel in goal, after 13:34 minutes the first lead with 6:5. Except for a tie in the second half, this was not given in the entire game. Lots of post hits, rebounds, etc. didn’t let the Baltic Sea townsfolk lose their way today in a euphoric hall.

At half-time we went into the cabins with a 2-goal lead at a score of 11:9. It remained tight in the first 8 minutes after the restart, then Empor increasingly exploited the mistakes on Bietigheim’s side and pulled away to 20:15 by the 40th minute. As the further course shows, this phase was decisive, Bietigheim tried to catch up, but Empor always gave the right answer, along with Robert Wetzel with outstanding saves.

So the lead always remained at least 4 goals. Empor’s backcourt also presented itself very well today, which can be seen in the goal distribution in the team. Tristan Staat, Rostock’s interim coach, was visibly relieved after the game: “The passion, struggle and emotions that the fans brought to the floor today was outstanding. We finally got rewarded for our performance.”

Is that already the turning point for HC Empor? The next few games will show that, but the necessary virtues are definitely there. A deserved victory for the previous bottom of the table.

Source: HC Empor Rostock / Photo: Heger


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