19-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Rape of German Shepherd and Posting Images on Social Media in Mississippi, USA

A 19-year-old girl was arrested for rape of her German Shepherd dog and post images on her social media, which went viral. This aberrational event occurred in the state of Mississippi, USA. He assesses if the girl could face up to 10 years in jailas reported by 100 radios.

The suspect was identified as Denise Frazier and according to local media reports, the young woman could face 6 months in prison for the crime of “aggravated animal cruelty” and up to 10 years for “unnatural acts.”

The defendant went to Court last Thursday and the Justice applied a $25,000 bail. Frazier’s arrest followed a complaint from a man who saw photos on the internet during the month of February 2023.

In relation to the images published on the social network Snapchat, the girl argued that she was “forced” to upload them, since a group of users paid to see the content. However, the authorities have not yet been able to verify her version.

Denise Frazier’s case shocked everyone, including authorities: “In my 17 years in the police force, this is one of the most disturbing cases I’ve ever had to investigate,” said JD Carter, Sgt. Jones County Sheriff.

“JCSD has several videos that are so graphic that we are not at liberty to release them or even discuss the particular content,” the spokesperson said.

“The investigation of this case is far from over,” added the officer. At the time that he maintained that about the fact “there are really no words to describe it that is not disgusting.”

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