175.6% increase in battery production in China in 7 months

During the first seven months of this year, China’s power battery production rose 175.6% year on year to 253.7 gigawatt-hours.

The results of industrial data issued by the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance showed that between January and July, the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries with a capacity of 153.8 gigawatts per hour, an increase of 227.1 percent year on year, noting that the production of triple lithium batteries amounted to 99.5 gigawatts. Watt-hours, an increase of 121.9% year-on-year.

It added that during the mentioned period, a total of 134.3 gigawatt-hours of batteries were installed for Chinese electric vehicles, an increase of 110.6 percent year on year, while the production of power batteries in July alone was 47.2 gigawatt hours, up 172.2 percent year on year.

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