-17.1℃ in Rikubetsu, Hokkaido (lowest temperature in the country this season) On the first winter day of the season in Utsunomiya and other places

2023/12/01 08:16 Weather News

The morning of today, Thursday, November 30th, became colder across the country. At AMeDAS Rikubetsu in Hokkaido, -17.1℃ was observed, setting a new record for this season’s lowest temperature in Japan.

Nagoya and Kobe also recorded the lowest temperatures of the season, and some places in Utsunomiya experienced -0.9 degrees Celsius, the first winter day of the season.

Due to the cold air, the daytime will also be cold, and the highest temperatures in various places are likely to be similar to those in December and January. Please dress warmly when going out.
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Effects of cold air + radiative cooling is effective at night in sunny areas

It’s cold even during the day, the temperature doesn’t rise


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