160,000 euros in damages for thefts of agricultural equipment

It is the gendarmes who unveil the results of their investigation this Wednesday morning on their social networks. In the nights of August 21 to 22 and from October 05 to 06, respectively in the municipalities of baskets and Néac, thefts of agricultural equipment are reported to the gendarmes.

Soldiers from the departmental gendarmerie groups of the Gironde, from Dordogne and the research section of Bordeaux are mobilized, about sixty in total. During the first theft, 10 lawn tractors were stolen by several individuals on the site AGRI33. Result: 160,000 euros in damage. The other flight, at Néac, concerns wine-growing equipment.

An arrest operation took place on Tuesday, November 16. Three suspects and a receiver are placed in police custody, searches by the authorities allow the loot to be found. The 4 defendants were brought before the Bordeaux judicial court and tried in an immediate appearance.



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