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16-year-old terror suspect – Alerted by foreign intelligence

In early February, the Police Security Service (PST) received an urgent warning from a foreign secret service. They suspected that a young boy in Oslo was planning several terrorist attacks.

On Thursday 4 February, the 16-year-old, who came to Norway for family reunification, was arrested. The boy denies criminal guilt.

– PST has no comments on how we got on the trail of the now remanded in custody 16-year-old, says senior adviser Martin Bernsen in PST to Dagbladet.

Do not speak

According to Dagbladet, the young boy, who originally comes from Syria, is very uncooperative in the interrogations with PST.

– TERROR PLANNING: Thomas Blom, police lawyer in PST, says that they chose to go to arrest after disturbing information about the 16-year-old. Reporter: Ralf Lofstad. Video: Edward Stenlund / Dagbladet
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The security police have now been investigating the 16-year-old’s alleged terrorist plans for five weeks.

The investigation is said to have strengthened the suspicion of several planned terrorist attacks, and that the goal was to kill as many people as possible, Dagbladet is informed.

Nicotine poison

Police believe the 16-year-old planned to make a deadly poison mixture, which among other things contained nicotine.

The ingredients for the poison mixture must have been found and seized in a shed, connected to the family’s home on the eastern edge of Oslo.

The 16-year-old must have had unlimited access to the stall. The chemical substances were later analyzed at Kripos’ laboratory. The chemists at Kripos are said to have confirmed to PST that the chemical substances can be used to make deadly poison.

Dagbladet is informed that PST has found posts on social media where the young Syrian citizen is said to have written that he wants white people to die.

IS sympathizer

PST believes that the 16-year-old supports the terrorist group The Islamic State (IS) and the so-called caliphate.

For several years, the terrorist group IS controlled and terrorized large parts of his home country Syria, and an area in northern Iraq.

The security service’s investigation is also said to have revealed several pieces of evidence, which PST believes are part of the preparations for several impending terrorist attacks in Norway.

Terrorist attack

When the investigators raided the home of the 16-year-old, and the shed where the toxins were stored, PST is also said to have found various computer equipment that has been seized.

Among other things, findings on the mobile phone will strengthen the suspicion of several planned terrorist attacks in Oslo, Dagbladet is informed.

According to the police theory, the 16-year-old first intended to test the poison mixture, before he was to launch several deadly poison attacks against random white people in Oslo.

Dagbladet receives confirmation that no other persons have been charged in the case in Norway. No arrests have been made in the country where the foreign security service announced the alleged terrorist plans in Norway.


– The investigation is in full swing. For the sake of the investigation, it is difficult to provide information, says senior adviser Martin Bernsen in PST.

The 16-year-old is now in a juvenile prison, and has been in custody for five weeks. He will next Friday be produced for renewed custody in Oslo District Court.

– My client still denies criminal guilt, says lawyer Andreas Berg Fevang in the law firm Mette Y. Larsen & Co.

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