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150 frozen Reza patent accounts from PPATK!


The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) blocks Reza Shahrani alias account Reza patent. There are 150 accounts that have been frozen.

“(There are 150 accounts in more than 25 banks,” PPATK chief Ivan Yustiavandana said on Saturday (11/5/2022) when confirmed.

Ivan did not explain the nominal amount of the blocked account. He just said that the face value of Reza Patent’s account that had been frozen was huge.

“Great,” he said.

Previously, investigators from the Directorate of Special Crimes (Tipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police have named 8 senior officials of PT Simbiotic Multitalenta Indonesia (SMI) as suspects in cases of alleged criminal acts of fraud, embezzlement, trade and money laundering by investing in the Net89 trading robot. The loss is estimated to have reached Rp 2 trillion out of a total of 300,000 members.

The eight suspects are the director of PT SMI with the initials LSH, the founder and exchanger of Net89 with the initials ESI and 5 sub-exchangers with the initials RS, AAL, HS, FI and DA.

Tipideksus director Bareskrim Polri, Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan, explained that the determination of the suspect was made after investigators found and confiscated a series of evidence and documents in the form of bank statements, transaction evidence and digital evidence. .

“The investigation team conducted a case and named AA as the owner of Net89 and as the founder of PT SMI as a suspect,” Whisnu Hermawan told reporters Thursday (6/10/2022).

Whisnu said the suspects’ modus operandi was to offer a commercial investment package with a Ponzi scheme and a forex investment trading robot in the guise of an MLM ebook (Net89). The total loss suffered by 300,000 members reached Rp 2.7 trillion.

Watch the video ‘Attacking Net89 Police the Leaders of PT SMI’:

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