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15 Interesting Facts About Earth You Must Know


Earth is a perfect planet for life and has a lot of interesting things. Here are some of them that were collected detikINET from various sources:

1. The shape of the Earth is not perfectly round

Earth is not flat. From space, Earth looks round and dominantly blue. However, the planet is not perfectly spherical. Due to the forces generated when the Earth rotates, the North and South Poles become slightly flat.

2. Earth’s gravitational field is not equal

The Earth’s surface is rocky and bumpy, so the gravitational field is not the same. Moreover, the Earth is also not perfectly round. There are all kinds of gravitational anomalies on Earth, both positive and negative.

3. Earth is very old

The National Institute for Science Educations determines the approximate age of the Earth from research on rocks or meteors on this planet. The estimated age of the Earth is about 4.54 billion years.

4. 60% of Earth’s population is in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in Earth and the most populous. With more than 40 countries located on the continent, some of which have large populations, it is not surprising that about 60% of humans live in Asia.

5. The driest place on Earth is next to the ocean

The Acatama Desert in Chile is known as the driest location on Earth. However, it is located next to the Pacific Ocean which is the largest reservoir of water on Earth. Despite the heat there, the average temperature in Acatama is around 17 degrees Celsius.

6. One day on Earth is getting longer

At the beginning of Earth’s age, one day on this planet was only about 6 hours. at this point, a day on Earth is 24 hours, but that will be longer. Every century, a day grows by 1.7 milliseconds.

7. Human weight varies depending on location

According to Live Science, a human’s weight can vary depending on their location on Earth. For example, a person’s weight at the equator may be lighter than if he were at the poles, although not by much. The difference is about 0.5%.

8. Ice in Antarctica contains 70% of the fresh water on Earth

According to the American Museum of Natural History, only about 3% of the world’s water is fresh water, of which 70% is in Antarctica. The majority of water on Earth is salt water.

9. Antarctica is technically a desert

Antarctica is covered in ice and very cold. But because of the very low rainfall, Antarctica is technically a desert.

10. The world’s largest rainforest is the Amazon.

Located in South America, the Amazon is the largest rainforest area in the world. There, there are about 30 million human population. Then, one of the ten species identified in Earth live on Amazon.

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