11 Photos Of Will Smith And Trey That Prove Their Adorable Father And Son Relationship

Will Smith y Trey They have an enviable father and son relationship. But their bond was not always so close.

The 50-year-old actor revealed in a touching Instagram video that he and his eldest son Trey Smith, 26, “[batallaron] for years” after Will divorced his first wife and Trey’s mother, Sheree Zampino, in 1995.

“It hasn’t always been this way between me and Trey,” Smith wrote alongside a video with his son in Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. She continued, “We battled for years after my divorce from his mother. He felt betrayed and abandoned.”

However, as their numerous Instagrams together attest, Will Smith and Trey have not only managed to recapture and restore their loving relationship, but have even become the best of friends.

Click on our photo gallery to see the best Instagram of Will Smith y Trey which prove that the actor’s offspring is the true definition of a modern family. This is what father and son dreams are made of!

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