Minister’s spokesman: The release of goods will be reflected in a gradual decrease in prices

Ambassador confirmed Nader Saada spokesman for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, that the announcement by Standard & Poor’s agency confirming Egypt’s credit rating gives a very positive image and an important message to foreign investors that the Egyptian economy is on the right path.

Ambassador Nader Saad added, during a telephone interview with the “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program, with the media, Lubna Assal, on Al-Hayat channel, that the economic plan undertaken by the Central Bank and the government to address the imbalances has begun to bear fruit, and the problem of accumulation of goods has also been resolved, and there are still existing goods. in the ports, but this amount is equivalent to the normal amount that existed in the pre-crisis periods.

He continued, “Goods are now regularly exiting the ports, and the impact of these releases will confirm the gradual decrease in prices, due to the abundance of raw materials, and all factory requirements are available, which will lead to production and an increase in supply in the market.”

Ambassador Nader Saad indicated that the main goal of all housing projects for the state is to establish planned cities, avoid slums, and provide all types of housing with an appropriate income for every citizen.

The positive outlook on the part of the international institutions of the Egyptian economy continues in terms of the credit rating and the promising future expectations of its indicators, to confirm the capabilities of the Egyptian economy in dealing with crises and containing them in a flexible manner, at a time when the state seeks to encourage and increase private sector investments, and strengthen its presence in the Egyptian market, thus contributing In raising economic growth rates and improving all economic indicators during the coming period, in addition to developing appropriate plans to contain inflationary pressures and keep them within safe limits, in conjunction with rationalizing government expenditures and expanding social protection programs to mitigate the severity and effects of the global crisis in various directions.

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In this regard, the Cabinet’s media center published a report that included infographs highlighting Standard & Poor’s affirmation of Egypt’s credit rating despite successive global crises and its expectation of positive indicators for the Egyptian economy.

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