10 daily exercises to lose weight

2020 arrives and, as always by these dates, the good purposes we all have for the new year. After the great feasts of these Christmas holidays, many of us need to lose weight. Therefore, from Men’s Health we want to offer you 10 simple and very effective exercises for you to achieve your goal. We have asked for help from Dr. Amil López, from Coherent Diet, to make us a weekly plan.

A complete and simple plan

I recommend you do aerobic exercises to reduce your body fat percentage (20 minutes of walking, biking, dancing, swimming, etc.) and a concentrated muscle toning circuit to activate your metabolism, improve posture and muscle tone ( 10 minutes a day).

Aerobic exercises

The aerobic work alone it is not enough to reach your ideal weight and reduce body fat percentage. But it is essential in any program to improve fitness.

Adjust the intensity of training to your age and physical condition. An adequate intensity range would be 70 to 85% of maximum heart rate (Fc max = 220 minus your age).

I suggest you do during 20 minutes any of these activities:

  • At home: you can run on the site by maximizing the knees (SKIPPING), jump rope, go up and down stairs or exercise bike.
  • Walk briskly without stopping for 20-30 minutes and you can include sprints (anaerobic work) of 20 seconds, to improve your endurance, performance and activate your metabolism. You must rest at least 2 minutes between sprint and sprint, while still walking.

        Muscle toning exercises

        The purpose of the routines of concentrated and high intensity muscle toning is to activate your metabolism.

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        They accelerate your pulsations, tone your basal metabolism and increase the caloric expenditure, in this way you burn more calories even when you have finished performing them and are at rest.

        I propose you exercises easy execution at home. You can do them when you wake up, while you hear the news or at any time of the day.

        You must take a balanced snack and water before and after exercise to avoid fatigue, the laces and enhance the release of growth hormone that ensures the greater performance and muscle regeneration.

        Before starting any exercise you must warm and stretch muscles and joints that you go to work, to prevent injuries. The warm-up should focus on the entire muscular and articular path.

        It’s very important not abruptly stop a physical effort and at the end of the exercise, stretch the worked muscles and perform a brief relaxation.

        You can do series of 30 seconds, resting 10 before the next or do series of 13 repetitions, the second series of 15 and the third of 20 repetitions. Eventually go away increasing weight or repetitions. In general two more repetitions from the moment you think you are at the limit.

        • The SQUADS or SQUATS, strengthen the quadriceps. They should be run with the feet aligned to the width of the shoulders and the contracted abdomen. The movement path should be as complete as possible, slowly going down to form a right angle with the knee and going up until the legs are semi-flexed so as not to overload the knees. Look straight ahead at a fixed point. The arms must be stretched forward, if necessary you can perform them in front of a table and grab if you lose your balance.
        • The PUNTILLE ELEVATIONS The twins work with the help of a ladder, it is convenient to be attached to the railing and keep the abdomen contracted.
        • ZANCADAS OR LUNGES to tone the muscles and buttocks. Standing, with your feet together, take a step forward until you place your knee at 90 degrees. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Each series is 30 seconds with each leg.
        • The LEG ELEVATIONS tone the lower abs. Lying on your back, with your arms on your chest, raise your legs together with your knees stretched, peeling off your hip from the floor, as if someone were pulling your feet up and resting your hip on the floor again.
        • To work the OBLIQUE ABDOMINALS, lying on your back, with your arms on your chest, bring your legs close to your chest with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Take your legs bent to one side, to the other, without lifting your hip. They try not to touch the ground.
        • The STRETCHED ARM MOVEMENT WITH WEIGHTS tones the pecs and the anterior shoulder area. Stretch on the floor on your back and hold the weights above your head with your arms outstretched. While you inspire, lower the weights back, but without touching the ground and return to the starting position while you expire.
        • THE FRONT PLANK or FRONT PLANK works upper, oblique and lower abs. Place a mat on the floor and lie on your stomach. Support the weight of the body on the forearms and toes. The arms should remain flexed and under the shoulders. Try to keep your arms straight and straight. The index fingers have to rest on the floor. Squeeze the shoulder blades and extend the spine, so that the body is completely erect. Press your thighs up and stretch your heels. After 30 seconds, rest your whole body on the floor to rest.
        • The FUNDS OR LAGARTIJAS they start upside down, with the arms flexed and the hands resting on the ground, separated approximately twice the width of the shoulders. Lean only on the tips of the feet and hands and raise the rigid body to fully extend the arms, slowly descending as close to the ground as possible. In the first few days you can rest your knees on the floor instead of your toes, which reduces the force needed to lift the body.
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