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We know that the job of actors is to transform themselves to play iconic characters on stage or on screen. However, the chameleon qualities of some of our favorite celebrities are not limited only to the stage, as they show us with the frequent changes they make to their appearance.

We in Genial.guru we were surprised to see how these celebrities have had changes of look amazing over the years and we wanted to share them to inspire your new style.

1. Will Smith

When The Prince of rap appeared on our screens in the 90’s, we were immediately captured by the charisma and comedic talent of this skinny kid with a big smile. His look avant-garde and urban conquered all young people at that time and has served as a inspiration retro to this day.

Currently, the look worn by the now father of 3 children is still very comfortable, but long gone are the days of turning heads in baggy suits in the style of hip-hopWell, this action star opts for comfortable and fresh clothes, like this white sweater with a polo neck, and tailored pants.

2. Khloé Kardashian

It is no secret to anyone that the familia Kardashian is always at the forefront when it comes to refreshing your look. From matriarch Kris to sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, the entire family exudes style and glamor while setting trends that, thanks to social media, they are imitated by millions of girls in the world.

Khloé, one of the older sisters, is no exception, as she has been seen wearing all kinds of styles in her hair and makeup, from a casual and simple brown to her current blonde hair with waves. Perfect for feeling like you shine like the sun in California!

3. Chris Pine

If you’re fan of the romantic comedies of the 2000s, surely you remember this charismatic American actor who stole the heart to more than one teenager at that time. In true 2017 style, Pine often sported a bushy lumberjack-style beard and slicked-back hair.

However, we can see how the actor took several years off himself in 2019, as his style became more casual and youthful, focusing on summer colors with loose shirts in a very surfer style, with a curtain cut hair and no beard. The look perfect for an afternoon out with friends.

4. Chris Hemsworth

Sometimes it seems like Hollywood loves men named Chris!

On 2009, came to our screens from Australia, the talented Chris Hemsworth, who immediately became a favorite of Marvel as the mighty Thor. And it was to be expected, because that long blonde hair shows all the style of a Norse god.

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Currently, the activist and father of 3 children prefers a more relaxed look, with brown hair and a trimmed beard that do not require much maintenance. Perfect to spend more time with his family, but with all the attitude of a star dad!

5. Harry Styles

If there’s one celebrity that we know isn’t afraid of radically changing their appearance and playing with the limits of fashion, it’s this British actor and singer whom we first met in 2010 as part of One Direction.

The then 16-year-old favored graphic tees and skinny jeans along with a wild, wacky mane of style. But now, this young composer has managed to fill concerts and movie theaters with his daring mix of styles and his inspiration in the rockstars from the 1970s.

6. Jared Leto

We believe that one of the most chameleon actors of his generation, Jared Leto, is one of the top celebrities to turn to if you want to freshen up your wardrobe.

Aside from acting in movies that immediately became classics, Leto has achieved near-legendary status in the entertainment world, as there are few areas where he hasn’t displayed his full talent. as part of the band 30 Seconds to Marsdeveloped this avant-garde and daring style that can be seen in her hair punk platinum blonde color that contrasts with his light blue leather jacket and black details.

Today, we can see how he has turned his personal wardrobe 180 degrees, as this oscar winner now he chooses to wear long brown hair with a trimmed beard and favors plaid shirts that give him a very natural vibe, ideal for camping in the mountains.

7. Lady Gaga

Another artist who has ventured into various fields within the entertainment industry is Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga. She, like Leto, with whom she participates in the film The Gucci HouseGaga has developed her style through music, since after her controversial debut in 2008, the businesswoman and actress has impacted audiences with various looks worthy of a pop star.

Here we can see that, in 2018, Gaga dared to wear very impressive makeup and fabulous turquoise blue hair for her concerts of Enigma In Las Vegas. While, today, she dedicates her efforts to her acting career, dazzling on the awards season red carpets with elegant platinum hair and more sober makeup, but always maintaining the use of vibrant and fresh colors that remind us of the neon of the clubs where he began his career.

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8. Taylor Swift

another diva of pop that we know from going through changes of look radicals in her career is Taylor Swift. in his documentary Miss Americanathe artist tells that part of the work of a musical star is the constant reinvention of her style, and we can clearly see that this has been the case for her.

Starting her career in 2006, the singer had a totally country, with her curly blonde hair in waves with a very soft and feminine vibe. Over time, her name became synonymous with a sexy, iconic red lipstick that accents outfits perfect for heading to the office or signing multi-million dollar contracts.

9. David Beckham

And if we talk about changes of look celebrities, we cannot ignore the field of sports, where one of the most prolific careers has been that of former soccer player David Beckham.

Beckham has set fashion, not only for his good looks, but for the successful direction he has given his style over the decades. Since his career began, this former European soccer player has been recognized for being the first to popularize various hairstyles, such as his very 90’s haircut with youthful curtain bangs, which are being taken up by boy bands pop nowadays.

After retiring from football in 2013, Beckham opts for more modern styles, like this lightweight pompadour with tips that gives it a very modern air of elegance and authority in its new stage as businessman.

10. Ariana Grande

Finally, we have one of the actresses and singers with more social media followers. This Florida native has grown up in the public eye along with an entire generation, which is reflected in the various styles she’s had throughout her life.

From the characteristic red hair that made her famous as Cat Valentine on the children’s show Victorious and his tan to the look he presents now, with much more minimalist dark brown hair, but contrasting it with a outfit with a lot of shine. East look looks like a feminine and youthful touch for a night out with friends, and adds a touch of sophistication to her new role as brand creator r.e.m. beauty.

What do you think about these changes? look celebrity radicals? Do you think that these celebrities have improved their style over the years or do you think that their looks previous?

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