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1. FC Köln: Start with a barbecue evening: Baumgart: I feel like everything here! – Bundesliga

Shouts and the referee’s whistle could be heard in the background.

Steffen Baumgart (49) was watching the U19 test match against SG Sonnenhof Großaspach (3: 2) in 6th place in the FC-Sportpark on Sunday morning when BILD reached the new head coach.

In the evening from 6 p.m. it became cozy on the Cologne youth facility.

Baumgart had ordered his players to have a barbecue. Also the FC presidium around Werner Wolf (64) and the management. Cologne’s new goalkeeping coach Uwe Gospodarek (47) was also there.

Photo: Andreas Pohl-“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/fc-trainer-steffen-baumgart-l–kam-mit-seinem-trainerteam-zum-treffen-7daa153b841043219c87a110ebc07e2c-76979110/Bild/1 .bild.jpg “/>

FC coach Steffen Baumgart (left) came to the meeting with his coaching teamPhoto: Andreas Pohl

“I only give a short ‘hello’, everything else will follow in the next few days,” said Baumgart before the meeting, “the evening should be a good start to the season without stress. I always do that. “

His idea behind it?

Baumgart: “In the last three days the players were on their way to the various tests – all alone, but we’ve never been together. We do this so that you have seen the faces before the first training session and everyone knows who they are dealing with. “

Einstimmen auf die Saison: Finanzchef Wehrle (v.l.), Trainer Baumgart, Pressesprecherin Zercher und Präsident WolfPhoto: Andreas Pohl-“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/einstimmen-auf-die-saison-finanzchef-wehrle-vl–trainer-baumgart-pressessprecherin-zercher-und-pr-57955f7696bd4e149acedfc1c8bfd2e4-76979118 /Bild/1.bild.jpg “/>

Getting in the mood for the season: CFO Wehrle (from left), trainer Baumgart, press spokeswoman Zercher and President WolfPhoto: Andreas Pohl

Start the new season with a barbecue evening!

The first training session under Baumgart at Geißbockheim takes place on Monday from 11 am: “I’m looking forward to everything here.” You can feel immediately: The ex-Paderborn is really up for the challenge of Cologne. “I have a good feeling,” he adds.

The first team meeting took place without an attachment. “We also have an evening with the families before the start,” says Baumgart, “but now it’s just about the boys.”

With whom the new FC coach would prefer to play for “more than just staying in the league” …

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