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[정치]President Moon,’Suk-yeol Yoon’ disciplinary action seems to return today…

靑 “President Moon and Minister Chu are receiving reports of the results of the disciplinary committee”
Minister Chu seems to have proposed a disciplinary action of Yun after the report
靑 “A matter related to the residence of the President will be announced later”


Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae reported to President Moon Jae-in the result of the disciplinary committee resolution against Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol and proposed disciplinary action.

President Moon is expected to reapprove the punishment of President Yoon soon.

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Has Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae proposed a disciplinary case against Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol to President Moon?


At 5:15 pm, a message was sent to the reporters from the Blue House spokesman, Kang Min-seok.

It was said that President Moon Jae-in was being reported to the Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae to report the results of the disciplinary committee resolution.

After the report, Minister Chu seems to have made a formal request to Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol to impose a’two months of honesty’ disciplinary action as determined by the disciplinary committee.

Since the results of the disciplinary committee came out at 4 am today, the proposal was made in 13 hours.


Is President Moon going home right away?


Spokesman Kang said he would officially announce matters related to the presidential home.

If there is no special reason, it is expected that home will be made within today.

The Prosecutor’s Discipline Act states that’in the case of dismissal, dismissal, suspension, and reduction of salaries of prosecutors, the President shall do so at the request of the Minister of Justice.

There were observations about whether the president has the final decision or whether the president can delay the execution time.

The Blue House has repeatedly emphasized that the president will not intervene in the outcome by having only the’executive power’ that follows the resolution of the disciplinary committee.

Also, if the results do not change, there is no reason to postpone the execution, so it is expected to reapply within today.


Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is in the state of a legal response.


It is being discussed the possibility that Yoon may file a lawsuit for cancellation of disciplinary action and an application for temporary injunction to suspend execution.

That said, it is unlikely that President Moon will remain in office.

In a call with YTN, an official from the Blue House cut it off as’legal response and administrative processing are separate issues’.

It is a matter for the disciplinary claimant and the disciplinary committee to think about the adequacy of disciplinary action, but it is not an area for the Blue House to argue.

The Blue House is in a position that it will not get involved in disputes by keeping’procedural legitimacy and fairness’.


If so, will the conflict between Minister Chu and President Yoon gradually resolve at the home of President Moon?


This is the trend that President Moon and the Blue House staff want more than anyone else.

However, as mentioned earlier, President Yoon foretold legal action, and I think we need to see the impact of this move in the future.

However, the speed of the final work to complete the reforms of power institutions, such as the launch of the airlift, is expected to accelerate.

Earlier, President Moon said he was looking forward to the launch of the airlift at the beginning of the year, and yesterday at the State Council said that the airlift is a means of democratic control over the prosecution’s omnipresent power.

It is analyzed that amid the conflict between the prosecution and the government over the discipline of President Yoon, the prosecution was emphasized the legitimacy of reform and appealed for the gathering of supporters.

On the one hand, there are also observations that President Moon will try to appease public sentiment with a replacement card for Minister Chu in the second reshuffle at the beginning of the year.

There is a possibility that Minister Chu will seek a form of honorary resignation through’voluntary resignation’ after watching Yoon’s disciplinary action and the launch of the airlift.

From the Blue House’s perspective, this is a scenario of a smooth finish, but President Yoon’s legal response is expected to be a variable.

So far, the Blue House has delivered it.

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