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[정치]Gadeokdo New Airport Special Law Passed…People 54% “Wrong thing” vs 33% “Wrong thing”


More than half of the people evaluated the passage of the National Assembly as a special law to quickly build a new airport on Gadeok Island.

In particular, the opinion that it was a mistake in Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam regions also prevailed, but it seems that they are concerned about the procedural legitimacy.

Reporter Choi A-young reports.


Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Special Law, which crossed the threshold of the National Assembly after controversy.

The main idea is to build the airport in a hurry by shortening the procedures such as pre-feasibility studies as much as possible.

This is the first step in the balanced development of the country, for elections ahead of the by-election in April, and the evaluations differ greatly.

Then, what about the people’s thoughts?

When I asked 500 men and women, over half of them raised their hands, saying that 53.6% was wrong.

Only 33.9% said they did well.

Especially in Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam, 25.9% evaluated that they were very good, but the response of’wrong thing’ was dominant.

The public sentiment between Daegu and Gyeongbuk, which competed for the new airport in the Yeongnam region, was more negative.

In addition, there were more respondents of all ages, saying’wrong thing’.

[김봉신 / 리얼미터 수석부장 : 절차적 정당성을 더 획득해서 탄탄하게 사업을 진행해 달라는 민심이 섞여 있는, 그런 걱정이 섞여 있는 응답이 될 수도 있겠습니다.]

This survey was commissioned by YTN and conducted by Realmeter on the 26th of last month, and the sample error is ±4.4% with a 95% confidence level.

YTN Choi Ayoung[[email protected]]is.

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