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[정치]Attempt to recommend today’s candidate for the Minister of Public Transport…


The candidate nomination committee for the Minister of Public Transport will hold a sixth meeting today to discuss the two finalists.

In addition, the Democratic Party is in a position that it cannot delay the resolution of the candidate for the head of the airlift.

The power of the people is protesting, saying that recommending a candidate that fits the regime’s taste without the veto is not suitable for the purpose of establishing an airlift.

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This is the 2pm meeting. Expect a crash?


That’s right.

The High-ranking Officials Criminal Investigation Officer Candidate Recommendation Committee holds the 6th meeting at 2 pm this afternoon and continues discussions on compressing the two finalists.

In addition, the Democratic Party’s position is that it is not possible to delay the decision to compress the final candidate to two, since one of the opposition party’s recommendation members, who had been vacant, was newly selected as Professor Han Seok-hoon and the procedural problem disappeared.

On the other hand, the power of the people is strongly opposed.

Yesterday, Ho-Young Joo, the National Power of the People’s Power, when the opposition party’s detoitarian rights were neutralized due to the revision of the Airborne Deputy Act.

“If you agree to the establishment of this regime’s Do Not Ask Airborne, all will be recorded as criminals of history.”

First of all, according to the revision of the Airlifting Act today, even if two nominating committee members oppose it, only the remaining five nominating committee members can vote.

Up to now, senior researcher Kim Jin-wook and attorney Jeon Hyun-jung of the Constitutional Court, who have won the most votes at the previous meeting, are being discussed as promising candidates.

Attorney Lee Heon, a member of the opposition party’s recommendation, argues that both researcher Kim and former attorneys are not eligible, and is expected to face extreme confrontation in the meeting as the situation has announced legal actions such as administrative litigation, provisional disposition, and unconstitutional legal review request.


We will also discuss whether to adopt a personnel hearing report for candidate Byeon Chang-heum of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport today?


Yes, the General Assembly of the Land Transport Commission will be held at 10 am today.

Previously, the National Assembly’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee held a plenary meeting on the 24th to discuss whether candidate Byeon would adopt a personnel hearing report, but the agreement was unsuccessful.

After discussing the need for further discussion, the meeting was postponed until today.

The opposition still opposes the adoption of the hearing report.

A little while ago, at 9:15 am, members of the People’s Power of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport held a press conference and urged the withdrawal of the nomination for candidate Byeon.

Candidate Byun says he has no ability to stabilize the real estate market that the people want, and that the defects and suspicions revealed during the hearing process have been further amplified, and he should nominate a new candidate.

However, it is unlikely that the meeting itself will be rejected.

The National Power Council members of the National Land Commission are in a position that they will attend the plenary meeting at 10 am and adhere to the dissenting opinions until the end.

As a result, the possibility of the Democratic Party’s adoption of the hearing report appears to be great at present amid opposition from the power of the people.

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