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[스포츠]KOVO begins to discuss disciplinary rules…


The Korean Volleyball Federation, KOVO (KOVO) has entered an emergency response meeting due to the’school violence’ that hit the volleyball world.

In addition to preparing countermeasures, we are discussing practical disciplinary measures.

Connect with reporter, reporter Seo Bong-guk!

Are you interested in the current emergency response meeting and the stipulation of disciplinary measures for the deviation of players before joining the pro?


That’s right. Currently, there is no actual disciplinary measure for incidents that occurred while enrolled in school prior to enrolling as a professional under KOVO regulations.

There is a penalty for damage to the product, but it is difficult to additionally discipline players such as Lee Jae-young and Da-young Lee who have already been suspended indefinitely.

This is because, according to the actual kovo reward and punishment regulations, serious crimes are disciplinary, but there is no separate provision for school violence or social insults.

Today’s meeting, which started at 3 o’clock a while ago, is organized by Secretary General Shin Moo-cheol and gathers together with the Federation’s advisory lawyer and the head of the competition operation headquarters.

It is expected that we will discuss how to revise the disciplinary rules with our advisory lawyers.

As today’s meeting is not a reward or punishment committee, it is a priority to stipulate the disciplinary clause, not additional disciplinary action against the sisters.

First of all, it is expected that social objections will be added as reward and punishment rules, and additional rewards and penalties will be opened afterwards.

In addition, it is expected that a full-scale investigation into school violence-related clubs will be reviewed, and plans to receive voluntary reports from school violence perpetrators at the federation level will be covered.


In the midst of this, the volleyball board’s additional exposure to school violence continues?


Even today, a new professional female volleyball player reported that he was violated for three years in elementary school.

I also attached a photograph of evidence.

The side claiming to be a victim said that after hearing the news that the offender had joined the pro, they recently reported the damage to the club but did not receive any feedback.

Yesterday, another female volleyball player-related disclosure article appeared online.

We have listed a number of harsh practices.

Controversy continues over whether this constitutes violence or whether the perpetrator is right.

Like a time bomb, professional teams are nervous and affirming as they don’t know what will happen.


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also came up with measures related to school abuse, right?

What is it?


Yes, it is a content that will manage the disciplinary record of the school sports department.

Regarding the incident of violence in the school of professional sports athletes, we will integrate and manage the disciplinary record of the school sports department in consultation with relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Education and reflect it in the course of future athlete activities.

In addition, in accordance with the Korean Sports Association’s national representative selection regulations, we have decided to restrict the selection of national representatives if they have ever been disciplined for human rights violations.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will also hold a meeting to examine violence related to the school sports department with related organizations and organizations such as the Ministry of Education.

So far, the sports department has delivered it.

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