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Blue Archive Bug: Empty City Strategy Creates Controversy in PvP Arena

The Academy City beautiful girl strategy RPG mobile game “Blue Archive” produced by Nexon Games in 2021, like other development mobile games, has a PvP arena tactical battle, allowing players to form teams to compete in rankings to obtain diamond rewards. , however, an interesting bug recently broke out in the player community, which has been described as an “empty city strategy” by most players. This problem will soon be corrected.

According to reports from the player community, there is currently a formation in the defensive lineup that is absolutely winning, and that is a strange formation that does not place any forwards at all and only puts two defenders. To achieve such a formation, you must first form a team without a forward in the default team arrangement, and then copy it to the defensive team.

This approach resulted in the enemy team being unable to cause damage to the forward members in the battle. Instead, our rearguard members, who were reliable and could not be attacked, were responsible for causing damage and winning the defensive victory. As a result, the defending team was judged to have won during settlement.

Since the empty appearance of the four forwards who are completely absent is very funny, this kind of bug law has also caused players to compare it to an “empty city strategy” and received echoes of discussion.

As the information from the player community spread, officials quickly received the news. The Japanese version operator has announcedannouncementIt is confirmed that this bug will be corrected after maintenance on February 21st.

Obviously, this formation goes against the original intention of the arena design, but such a bug method is accidentally connected with the empty city strategy to form a meme, which is also an interesting thing.

Of course, this problem will also be corrected in the international version on Wednesday.

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