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[사회]”Sample of 3 people entering the country confirmed mutant virus”… 808 new patients


The number of new corona 19 confirmed cases fell from the 900 to 800 yesterday.

There are 808 new patients a day, of which 787 are domestic.

We will try to find out more by connecting reporters. Reporter Seung-Hoon Lee!

First, please tell me the breaking news of the mutant virus from the UK.


A mutant virus was found in a sample of a patient from the UK who was suspected of having a corona 19 mutant virus.

As a result of analyzing the full-length genome of the specimens of corona19 confirmed, the quarantine authorities said that a British mutant virus was confirmed in three specimens who entered Korea on the 22nd.

Prior to this, a man in his 80s who returned home from the UK on the 13th suffered a cardiac arrest during self-isolation and was transferred to the emergency room of Ilsan Hospital in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, but died in 40 minutes.

The corona 19 test result was positive and was confirmed posthumously.


The number of new patients has decreased slightly from the previous day?


As of 0 o’clock today, there are 808 new cases in total.

It was less than yesterday’s 970.

The number was noticeably lower than when it exceeded 1,000 people the day before.

In terms of infection route, domestic outbreaks are 808 and foreign inflows are 21.

There are still many infected people in the metropolitan area.

Seoul 297, Gyeonggi 188, Incheon 45, with only 530 new patients in the metropolitan area.

In the non-metropolitan area, new patients came from 17 provinces nationwide, including 35 in Chungnam, 25 in Gyeongnam, 34 in Busan, 45 in Gyeongbuk, and 30 in Chungbuk.

Of the 21 confirmed overseas inflows, 8 were confirmed during the quarantine stage.

The additional death toll is 11 and the cumulative death toll is 819.

The number of patients with severe gastric disorders increased by 2 to 295.

As mentioned, the number of new patients decreased somewhat, but the’third pandemic’ situation remains.

In particular, when looking at the outbreak trend during the holiday season, the largest number of new patients, including 1,241 and 1,132, were confirmed since the outbreak of Corona 19.

In addition, about 3 out of 10 patients with’unknown path of infection’ who have not confirmed when and where they were infected are increasing tension.

Accordingly, the government has extended steps 2.5 and 2 of the’Social Distance’ between the metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, which were scheduled to end today, by 6 days until January 3 next year, and is monitoring the spread.

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