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⚠️ Styria 3-speed shifter in North Rhine-Westphalia – Kaarst | Bicycle accessories for sale

22 €

41564 North Rhine-Westphalia – Kaarst


A 3-speed shifter from Styria in Austria. It dates from the 1950s and is in very good condition! Compatible with all Sturmey Archer models!

Shipping possible: Insured and with shipment tracking by Hermes, for €4.40 to the front door or €3.80 to a Hermes shop! Uninsured by maxi letter €2.80! Other service providers possible, but possibly more expensive! The buyer bears the shipping risk (§ 447 BGB)

The switch is still there as long as the ad is online!! All ads are updated as soon as possible, so “Is the item still available?” not answered!

FIXED PRICE and not negotiable!! Thought was given to the sales prices and they are generally (sometimes significantly) below market value. If VB can be found in the offer, then there is also a small scope. If you don’t get a response to your offer, it wasn’t acceptable!

Cash, bank transfer or PayPal possible. Buyer protection is always at the expense of the buyer, alternatively possible as “friends”!

Before anyone gets the idea and asks for a special Friday discount or something similar: we give a discount on all days except those ending in ‘g’ and Wednesdays.

I am counting on your understanding that, due to time constraints, no questions will be answered for which the answer can be found in the advertisement or on the Internet. Other questions regarding the articles will be answered as best as possible.

For a deal to happen, 1G is required, that means only with a working brain!

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