▷ Mission of Freelance Agent Broker in Loans to Professionals Aix-En-Provence Aix-en-Provence (13) – Recruitment by CAFPI

CAFPI is looking for…

Are you wondering about the future of your career? You want to undertake but not alone?

Stop here, this offer is made for you!

Broker in loans to professionals M/F (independent status)

You want to give meaning to your career and participate in a national deployment project.
CAFPI’s ambition is to stimulate the real development of brokerage in business financing and to become a leader, in the image of what CAFPI has accomplished in real estate loans to individuals for nearly 50 years.
Giving meaning at CAFPI is:
feel useful by finding the best financing solutions for your clients;
feel valued and recognized for your business expertise;
feel supported by a national network and resources reflecting our ambition.
In order to help our customers in their project:
you advise and support them in each step (acquisition, rental, purchase of equipment, factoring, leasing, etc.);
you estimate the risk, assess the feasibility and then put together the file;
you negotiate the best financial conditions in order to optimize the overall cost of credit;
you accompany your client throughout his project until he obtains credit.
In order to create your customer portfolio:
you act as a real business manager by preparing a business development plan in collaboration with our professional unit;
you prospect and animate a network of professional customers and prescribers;
you make every effort to make yourself known as an expert in professional loans in your sector.
By joining CAFPI, you earn:
undertake without any financial investment;
benefit from solid partnerships with all the financiers on the market and a strong synergy with our internal network.
work as a team and with state-of-the-art tools

You are …

You have the soul of a salesperson in the field, imperatively justifying a first successful experience in the banking field with Business Managers (Professional Customer Advisors, Business Affairs Manager), in the world of finance and/or advice to Managers (accountants, wealth managers, business transactions, etc.).

Your commercial flair, your management faculties and your entrepreneurial culture will be essential qualities for success.

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