▶ Infected senator hugged everyone: is this the ‘superspreader’ where Trump got infected?

After all, images emerged that show that there was no question of social distance and mouth masks. The images also show how a Republican senator who turned out to be positive afterwards hugged a lot of guests.

At the event in the Rose Garden, Trump officially nominated Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. There was a seat available after the death of liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsbrug on September 18.


One guest was Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah State. He tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday – the same day as top advisor Hope Hicks – after he started showing symptoms of Covid-19. He had initially associated this with his allergies, but as a precaution he underwent a corona test. Rightly so it turned out. He announced on Friday that he would be quarantined for ten days. But the disaster could already have happened.

Images of the celebration in the Rose Garden show that there was no social distance among the guests and that hardly anyone wore a mouth mask. They also show how Lee enthusiastically kissed and hugged a lot of other attendees. Photos show how he walked out of the White House, his mouth mask in his hand.

Senator Mike Lee walks from the White House towards the Rose Garden, mouth mask in hand.Image AP

Several other attendees at the event have since tested positive. In addition to President Trump and his wife Melania, Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina and former top adviser Kellyanne Conway have also been infected, as well as John Jenkins, top executive of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. The latter apologized to his colleagues and students on Friday for his “error of judgment” of not wearing a mouth mask and shaking hands during the ceremony for Barrett.

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Symptoms of corona infection may take from two to fourteen days to manifest. On average that is five days. The infections of the guests who were there in the Rose Garden fall within that period.

The White House is currently trying to map out who the infected persons have all come into contact with. That’s quite a task, because Trump had a busy schedule this week, with several election rallies and the first-ever presidential debate against Democrat Joe Biden. Hope Hicks did not attend the Rose Garden, but accompanied Trump on many of his outings last week. She has also been identified as a possible source of Trump’s contamination.

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