▶ If I unblock someone on WhatsApp, will they find out?

Fights, arguments, anger … And block singing on WhatsApp. But, if I unblock someone on WhatsApp does he find out? The answer is not a simple yes or a simple no. And it is that the application leaves many clues of what happens in chats when contacts are blocked and unblocked in it. That is why we have created this complete article in which we tell you all the details about it. Both what happens if you unblock a contact, such as knowing if they have unblocked you on WhatsApp or if a blocked contact has written to you. Keep on reading to know everything.

The first thing is to know that the blocking function of WhatsApp cancels all types of communication with that person. That is to say, he will not be able to write to you, or send messages, or call or video call through WhatsApp. But he won’t be able to hear from you either. That is, if you have information such as a profile photo, the status function or last connection or even status photos and videos, these will not be seen by the person who has blocked you or whom you have blocked. Elements that can give a clue that such a blockage has occurred. And, therefore, clues that can again prove that a person has been unlocked.

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So the quick answer is yes. If you unblock someone on WhatsApp they will find out. It will have a multitude of elements within the application to be sure that communication has been reactivated. That he can find out about your WhatsApp status again or that he can simply send you a message.

Of course, there is no type of notification or notice of its own that informs you about the blocking or unlocking. It will be these clues, which I will tell you about below. The ones that will tell you that you have been unlocked. With this you can resume conversation or try to do it. Your messages will not be in a chat that you could use as a shopping list. But what are those elements? How to know if you have been unblocked on WhatsApp?

How to know if you have been unblocked on WhatsApp

To find out if you have been unblocked on WhatsApp, the number one warning is the profile photo. This data is instantly hidden from the block, showing a simple silhouette instead of a photograph that represents the contact or whatever he wants to show. But there are other key elements that you will have to attend to to confirm this. And is that some users still continue to delete their profile photo voluntarily. So it can mislead you when it comes to knowing if they have unlocked you or not. And in the absence of a notification and the clear indication of this visual element, other details must be attended to.

  • Profile picture: as we say it is the clearest visual indicator. If you only saw the silhouette of a person instead of a photo it is quite clear that you had been blocked. If it reappears or you can just see a profile picture you will know that you have been unlocked. There is no question in this case.
  • You see their WhatsApp Status again: go to the States tab and look for that contact who had blocked you. He may not have a profile picture, but if you can see his WhatsApp statuses he will have unlocked you.
  • Doble check: the indicator or reading confirmation is also key. When a person has blocked you, you can write everything you want without absolutely anything reaching them. Those messages are in limbo, and they do not arrive when he unlocks you. Of course, when you write a message and it has unlocked you, it will arrive. Therefore there will be, at least, double check. A shipping check and a receipt check. Although you may not have the double blue read confirmation check active. But if instead of having only one there are two checks, you will know perfectly well that it has unlocked you.
  • You can add a new group: when a person blocks you, you cannot create a new group with that contact. So just do the test. If it turns out that WhatsApp does not throw an error when creating a group with that person, this contact will have unblocked you. Of course, he will also have notified him that you have introduced him to a group.
  • You can see your last connection again: this information is only shown if the contact has not blocked you and, of course, if they have it active in their privacy settings. In any case, if you can see this data when entering that person’s chat, it will mean that they have unlocked you.

How to know if a blocked contact has written to me

I fear that there is no way to know if a blocked contact has written to me or not. As I mentioned above, the messages in a blocked chat are in a limbo that leads nowhere. They are sent (one check), but never received (second check).


That is why everything that is written in this conversation stays there. But it is not sent when it is unlocked. So you will never know what was written during that blackout period. It will be only for each of the people. Words that the wind blows away, like who says. Of course, be very careful about writing every day in that conversation. If we do it when they have unlocked us that message will reach you. And maybe you send him the shopping list or something similar.

How to unblock a contact on WhatsApp

The unlocking process is similar to that of locking. Even easier. And is that, when you go to the conversation of a blocked contact and want to send him something, a warning message will inform you of his status. In addition, it will allow you to unlock it instantly to resume the conversation without problem.


The classic option is to display the settings with the three points in the upper right corner, click on the More section and look for the option To unlock. With this, the chat will return to normal and you will be able to exchange messages and multimedia content as if the block had never existed. Of course, as you have already seen, although there is no notification for the other person, there are many indicators that you have unblocked that contact. So keep that in mind if you want to go unnoticed or unnoticed.

Remember that messages sent during the blocking period will never reach the other person. You can see what you have written in the chat and jump to older moments of the conversation. But you will never see the rest of the chat information while that person was blocked.

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  1. Hello. I went into whatsapp today after a month of no use, and noticed in my chat screen that I could see the profile photo of someone who had previously blocked me. I was curious so clicked on it, but when I did the photo disappeared again and everything is as though I am still blocked. My question is, does this indicate that this contact unblocked me then blocked me again during the month I hadn’t used whatsapp? Curious to understand. Thanks in advance.


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