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② Cyberpunk 2077’s’freedom’, neither GTA nor Elder Scrolls

<사이버펑크 2077>Is a game that one gamer had been waiting for before the reporter. In 2013 <사이버펑크 2077> The excitement I felt when the cinematic trailer was first released is still good to my eyes. It’s about it. At the time, the reporter was convinced that a great masterpiece would come out. UThey too <사이버펑크 2077>I couldn’t hide my expectations. To the extent that I feel somewhat’excessive’.

Time passes <사이버펑크 2077> Now that the official release is approaching, we have a chance to experience the game in advance through the cooperation of CDPR. But I’ve experienced it myself <사이버펑크 2077>Was flatter than expected.

I was hoping that I would choose from a variety of options in the quest progression, and that it would show the’extensive degrees of freedom’ that had a big impact on the game. However, the structure of the game was rather mediocre. Played for about 27 hours <사이버펑크> I have summarized my thoughts on the inner’degree of freedom’ without addition or subtraction. / Reporter Lee Hyung-cheol of This Is Game

This review was written by receiving a separate review code from CDPR.

There may be differences from the full version that will be patched after launch.

※ A minimum spoiler is included for writing a review.

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# Cyberpunk 2077’s degrees of freedom,’There was nothing special’

Let’s get to the point right away without having to go around. The reporter experienced <사이버펑크 2077>The degrees of freedom of were not very satisfactory. No, I think it’s an accurate expression to see that it wasn’t far from the expectations.

<사이버펑크 2077>Is divided into a main quest, a heavy sub-quest, and a small other quest. The main quest is of course responsible for the big trunk of the story, and the sub quest is the main·It tells the story of a supporting NPC. Other quests deal with small details such as wanted, rescue, and items that are not very related to the story.

Here, users are constantly at the crossroads of choice between main and sub quests.

Let’s take a conversation. Users can continue to chat with the characters while performing the quest, and in the process, they can appeal their opinions through various options. For example, you can answer an NPC’s request for stealing a vehicle and say,’I don’t know if I can do it,’ but you can move on to’I’m going to take debt with this. Also, in the’Life Pass’ that determines the character’s hometown Conversation options may increase accordingly.

The same goes for quests. In the case of a mission to escape a specific area, you can escape silently through stealth or infiltrate, but you can also take away all the enemies recklessly and escape. In addition, it is also possible to use hacking powers in killing targets in addition to killing them with a normal gun. You can even kill that person without hesitation in the quest to find a specific person and talk to them.

But these’choices’ don’t have a very big impact on the game. Even if you choose a unique one of the suggested dialogue options, you don’t get the impression that it will directly alter the outcome of the quest. Of course, there are options that have a big impact on the flow, but they are less frequent and the key options only appear at the end of the game. That’s why the freedom of the process is somewhat guaranteed, but the freedom of the results is faint.

The options vary depending on the Life Pass, but nothing changes significantly.

The sky blue option is literally more of an option.

<사이버펑크 2077>The quest of is a structure that is not much different compared to other open world games.

Ubisoft, who created countless open world games <와치독스 2>Take for example. <사이버펑크 2077>Like <와치독스 2>Edo, a quest to escape a specific area appears. <와치독스 2> Again, you can complete the quest without killing anyone, but you can also defeat all opponents and break through the situation with a drone or hand-to-hand combat. I mentioned earlier <사이버펑크 2077>It’s not much different from that.

That said, whether each quest content is fresh or unique, nor is it. It is difficult to say specifically to prevent spoilers, <사이버펑크 2077>Most of the quests in’Infiltrate a specific area and save or kill the character A’are repetitions of a simple structure. A hacking mission that requires arranging alphabets and numbers in the middle appeared, but it was also questioned whether this was not new and was attractive enough to try it often.

This structure gives a more monotonous feel, tangled up with quests that fill the minimap. <사이버펑크 2077> In the minimap It’s because there are a few main quests, packed subs, and other quests all that catches my eye. That’s why so many quests feel like a lot of challenges to be solved in the future, rather than a device to tell the story of Night City interestingly.

Of course, the composition of each sub-quest is not bad. In some quests, conflict between politicians and unexpected love lines are formed. Some stories are definitely immersive. In addition, sub-quests sometimes take place at unexpected times, as if you were actually in Night City.

However, the missions you encounter in the process are nothing special, as mentioned earlier. I <레드 데드 리뎀션> Compared to the game that showed a lot of freedom and unique development, it was not as expected.

Minimap structure that is not much different from other open world games

Sometimes attractive sub-quests are unfolded,

In the end, most of the time a mission to move to a destination, escape, or subdue a specific person appears.

# I experimented with changing the size of my penis…

Let’s talk about’Life Pass’ and’Customization’ that appear in the introduction while the words are spoken.

First of all, Life Pass is an option that allows you to choose the character’s origin and viewpoint before the full-scale game begins, and includes Nomads, Boomers, and Companies. Depending on your options, the background in which the game begins or the story you tell at the beginning is’definitely’ different.

But that doesn’t shake the overall structure and flow of the game. No matter what background you choose, only the initial story is a little different, and it leads to a quest to fulfill the mission with’Jackie Wells’, the core partner of the prologue. No matter where you start from, you end up converging into one story.

Only the introduction story is a little different, but eventually leads to one story

Customization is also no different.

<Before the release of Cyberpunk 2077>, the’penis’ part must have attracted the most attention in the customization part. in reality <사이버펑크 2077>Instead of simply setting it as male or female, as CDPR astounded, you can combine masculine or feminine bodies, and customize even details such as the shape and size of the penis.

However, this also doesn’t have a big impact on the game’s progress. Is it just like a’bait product’ that catches the attention of early game users? Just in case, I set the size and shape of the penis differently and made a’relationship’ with the secondary NPC, but nothing was different. It just played the recorded video repeatedly.

Customizing the penis, which was a kind of’bait product’

Besides that, there are not so many things that users can do in the game. Reporter close to 27 hours <사이버펑크 2077>I played Like’Altruism’ appearing in’Altruism’, I couldn’t find any content related to the creation of revenue through a unique mission or corporate investment.

Of course, there is a prominent part in the middle. Users can freely attach and detach parts that can strengthen the body of the protagonist, upgrade their weapons through production and enhancement, or choose a skill that suits their taste and battle their own. It is also possible to chat lightly with most of the normal NPCs walking through the Night City. Even conversations between some NPCs are marked with speech bubbles, so you can get a glimpse of what they are talking about as you get closer.

However, as we have emphasized again, these parts are not directly connected to the core of the game. It is difficult to give more meaning than an eye-catching’bait product’. <사이버펑크 2077>This is why I even thought that it would be better to lower my expectations for the degree of freedom of ‘There is such a thing’.

There are also options in conversations with NPCs that have no weight,

You can also overhear conversations of other NPCs through speech bubbles.

In fact, CDPR has been through several routes. <사이버펑크 2077>Have you clearly revealed your position on the degree of freedom ofAll. In particular, in’Night City Wire Korea’, which was released on the 3rd, we answered questions about the degree of freedom, such as building access and dating, with triangles. virtually <사이버펑크 2077>To some extent, I’ve professed that this is not a game with tremendous degrees of freedom.

However, the expectations of users are already skyrocketing. overlong <사이버펑크 2077>of In addition to waiting, as other releases released in 2020 were sluggish, both expectations and eyes of users <사이버펑크 2077>in Because it was crowded. In addition to this, CDPR also fueled users with aggressive marketing.

Of course, if you touch the game yourself, you may find people who have different thoughts from reporters.

There may be positive evaluations such as’This is enough’ or’There is not less we can do than we think’. But the long wait and CDPR, and <사이버펑크 2077>Considering the expectations for this, it seems that it cannot be easily denied that it is a somewhat disappointing outcome.

# Closing: About the complex and simple relationship between open world and degrees of freedom

In open world games,’degree of freedom’ is an element where clear light and dark exist.

The expression’degree of freedom’ is used for how much freedom of choice is provided in the game. Of course, the degree of freedom is a subjective concept. Some people feel the degree of freedom in game A, while others are reluctant to think that game B is not free. Degrees of freedom are often expressed in completely different ways depending on how the developer incorporates them into the game.

As an example <쉔무>Was pointed out that’I tried to do too much but rather lost my freedom’ On the other hand, I <레드 데드 리뎀션 2>Was well received as a masterpiece of all time. Especially <레드 데드 리뎀션 2>Limits the degree of freedom of the main story, but by sprinkling numerous random encounter elements on the field, it gave the user the illusion of’interacting’ with the world in the game.

There is no specific definition of the degree of freedom, but some say that it is an important trait that defines open world games. Among them, sandbox games are often regarded as a genre that showed’completion of the degree of freedom’, allowing users to play freely even if a specific goal does not exist or there is a goal.

But, on the other hand, I also think that the degree of freedom can never be the main character in open world games. No matter how much the developer melts the degree of freedom close to reality into the game, That’s because in many cases it can’t be more than a’bait’ that catches the eye for a while during play. In the end, it can only be an additional element. No gamer turns to Arthur Morgan to brush a rottweiler’s fur and pomade his hair in a forest camp.

In addition, the awkwardness of the’Cyberpunk’ worldview is also essential. <사이버펑크 2077>Is Likewise, it is not a modern thing, or a past thing set in the near old days, and it is not a medieval fantasy thing that a gamer would get bored with. Several series have already appeared <엘더스크롤>or <위쳐>I would like to do so now even if the star-by-star setting comes out, <사이버펑크 2077>Is not. (At least, the reporter is unaware of the existence of the original TRPG, and has never opened a book in English.)

This, and that, is full of new things, but the impression is that it is complicated as quests constantly rush under the bright neon signs. <사이버펑크 2077>The world of is an open world that has never been experienced in a good or bad way. Of course, there are many great games set in the near future, <사이버펑크 2077>The scale of is far surpassing them.

# It’s still dip, you’ll have to keep eating it to taste it, right?

<사이버펑크 2077>Looking at it, there is no intimate play design that is unmatched, but that does Not a bad game. Especially Although I felt deep regret in the degree of freedom The story and direction were amazing, and the voice actors’ performances boasted high quality like watching a movie. It’s just that the reporter’s expectations might have been too high.

Now in a few days <사이버펑크 2077>This is officially released. This article <사이버펑크 2077>This is a short first impression on the degrees of freedom of. The time given to the reporter couldn’t figure out everything about the game. I hope gamers can check the remaining parts. Reporters continue <사이버펑크 2077>I will play.

— – .

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