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Zoom for Home Dten Me – Zoom’s giant tablet for video calls with whiteboard and monitor features


July 16, 2020

Zoom for Home Dten Me is a great 27-inch tablet that only serves to make video calls and costs $ 600. Actually its definition and price do not seem to be your best cover letter. It is true that today we can do video calls with endless accessories: with the mobile, with the tablet, with the PC … Zoom already works on these devices.

But the truth is that the video and audio quality of video calls are not always what we expect. Not to mention that home or office wifi is not always there when you need it. On the PC the quality is much better, but often it is necessary to mount a whole shed around it, which can be more or less bulky depending on the case: webcam, speakers or headphones, microphone …

Video conferencing on your home TV is rarer and highlights the biggest problem with having Zoom (or any other video calling software) on a non-dedicated device – we usually don’t pay attention to where we answer the call and it’s often poorly lit , messy and not very presentable.

The solution

Zoom for Home Dten Me solves all those problems at a stroke with a video conferencing system consisting of a 27-inch touch screen on which you can draw or take notes. Above it we find an intelligent system of three cameras capable of taking a panoramic view of up to 160 degrees and adjusting the parameters depending on the room and the number of participants. The audio section is made up of eight microphones that capture and isolate the voices of the participants so that they hear themselves in a clean and natural way.

All this is designed so that the user only has to turn on, connect via wifi or ethernet cable, register with a Zoom account and accept the call, but advanced users can adjust the settings from the mobile or PC remotely.

Finally, the screen works as a 27-inch monitor thanks to an HDMI input, so in the worst case we can use it as an auxiliary office monitor.

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