World Two trains collided near Prague, one of them arrived...

Two trains collided near Prague, one of them arrived for passengers from the decommissioned Pendolin


The trains collided at low speed and no one was injured. The man who was previously knocked down by the Pendolino set died.

After the person was knocked down, the traffic on the corridor from Prague to Kolín was conducted only by one of the three tracks. A replacement train was headed for one track, which was to take over about 150 evacuated passengers from Pendolin and continue their journey. When he arrived, another passing train crashed into him, police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová described to Novinka.

Decommissioned Pendolino at the scene of the accident in Běchovice, Prague

Photo: Pavel Jaňurek, News

“The carrier sent a replacement Elefant set for the Pendolin passengers. During the commute, she collided with the R 989 express train, which was standing on the track, ”Pistoriusová, a spokeswoman for SŽDC, described to Novinka.

All three cars of the elephant passenger train derailed, and about 300 people are evacuated from the express train. According to Pistorius, the security equipment on the track worked. The place was passable with a limited speed pendolin after the accident.

Around 6.30 pm, Pistoriusová pointed out that traffic on the corridor between Prague-Libní and Běchovice is now completely stopped, which means complications on the entire corridor from Prague to Ostrava. He is usually very busy on Friday afternoon.

Evacuated passengers at the railway station in Běchovice

Photo: Pavel Jaňurek, News

A passenger train crashed into a stopped express.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic


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