Business The price of gasoline rises although it is cheaper...

The price of gasoline rises although it is cheaper than a year ago


The price of gasoline has risen for the ninth week in a row (0.52%) and that of diesel per octave (0.48%), after the drastic falls in March and April due to the coronavirus, and are 11.6% and 12.48% cheaper, respectively , which a year ago. Filling the fuel tank costs about 8.50 euros less than a year ago.

According to data collected this Thursday from the European Union (EU) Oil Bulletin, the average price of gasoline has been at 1,151 euros and that of diesel, in 1,045 a liter. With the prices of the last week, filling an average 55-liter tank with gasoline costs 63.3 euros and, if what is refueled is diesel, 57.48 euros.

Doing the same a year ago was 71.94 euros (8.64 euros more than now), in case of filling gasoline, and 66.05 euros (8.57 euros more) if it was filled with diesel.

Since 2020 began, 95 octane gasoline has been reduced by 12.8% and diesel, 16.2%.
However, gasoline is now 5.21% more expensive than a month ago and diesel 4.4%, because although prices had already started to recover, they were still at very low levels.

Despite the new rise this week, the gap with the maximum prices that automotive fuels reached in 2012 is still important, so that gasoline is 24.38% cheaper and diesel 27.68%.


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