News Militia gets 200 million special budget, soldier collapsed when...

Militia gets 200 million special budget, soldier collapsed when presented


The minister spoke of a “stage win”. Militia representative Hameseder described the partial mobilization of the militia in the corona crisis as “the right and brave step”. The Austrian population can rely on their militia, “the operation has shown that”. “The militia is an essential pillar.”

He was very “grateful” for the special investment package, because personal protective equipment was particularly important to the soldiers, as was night vision and mobility. Of the ten structured militia battalions, only three are appropriately equipped, said Hameseder. The package added value is on average 70 percent domestic.

Hameseder: “Security is not available for free”

Both Tanner and Hameseder spoke of the fact that the militia’s exercise activity should be increased and that the militia system should become “future-oriented and modern”. “A legal obligation would be ideal, but politics dictates the framework,” said Hameseder. Tanner explained that the first step was to go voluntary and to create incentives for exercises.

Hameseder once again said that security is not free. The minister, on the other hand, found it “a shame” that the federal army was only ever discussed in connection with the lack of budget.


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