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The famous video calling application, Zoom, presented new updates within the platform offering its users more filters when participating in the call and the reduction of background noise.

The app expanded its filter offering in order to offer a greater range of images which can be used by people and thus make communications more fun. Some of them are very similar to the ones currently available on Instagram or Snapchat.

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Options include using the image in black and white, pirate hat and patch, bunny ears, graduation cap and several different frames with flowers, among others.

Users can go to the Settings section and there display the Funds and Filters function, where they can find all the options.

Among the novelties is also the function of reduce background noises from users within the video call in order to make the voice heard more clearly and thus eliminate distracting sounds.

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Before the application only had the automatic option, but now it has three more categories: low, medium and high. These can be activated through Settings, from there they go to the Audio tab and Adjust the microphone volume.

Likewise, through the video option, people will be able to make some aesthetic adjustments that allow using filters that soften the skin more and increase the amount of light that I have in the image projected in the call.

The application has become popular during the quarantine as it has become one of the most used platforms for holding meetings in the middle of teleworking. In the second quarter of this year, Zoom surpassed 300 million downloads.

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