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Zlatá tretra 2021 | Entries of Czech legends in danger! Good for the spear, says Železný

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

“It looked like a men’s record could be set sooner, after the last races it turned around. But I think something could happen in both categories this year, and it would be good to make the javelin visible in world sports, “Železný thought pragmatically, sitting next to Vetter and reigning world champion Anderson Peters of Grenada on the eve of the press conference meeting. “How do I feel between them? Old, “said the world record holder.

Vetter shone last year in Chořov with a power of 97.76 m, when he approached Železný at 72 cm. “I was a little surprised, and especially proud of myself and my whole team,” Vetter recalled in Ostrava.

German javelin thrower Johannes Vetter, one of the stars of the Golden Spike.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

“I will definitely do my best to attack the world record, but it cannot be planned. Now Tokyo is the main one for me, “the German assures. “Johannes is an adept at a world record. He is incredibly powerful and at the same time relaxed, he has worked on the technology, “says Železný appreciatively.

A number of athletic stars will perform at the jubilee Golden Stilts, and up to 1,500 spectators will watch

Andrejczyková again stunned in April in Split with the longest throw in the last ten years 71.40 m, 88 cm from the record of Špotáková. “Huge performance. I remember her from Rio, where she was young and inexperienced. She threw a national record in qualifying, in the final she didn’t know much what to do, otherwise she would have won there, “says Železný. Polka finished fourth, just two centimeters behind Špotáková.

But then came the trouble, shoulder surgery, and fortunately the less insidious form of bone cancer that she had overcome. “Now she is in shape and healthy, she definitely has a future,” says Železný to the address of 25-year-old Polka. “And we’ll see how the Chinese, who have not yet raced this year, will throw,” the three-time Olympic winner expects a well-charged spear year.

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