Zión Moreno and the struggle she experienced for being a transgender actress

The actress Zión Moreno is one of the biggest representatives of the transgender community, because he has earned respect and affection of many of those who knew her in series like ‘Control Z’ or ‘Gossip Girl’.

Isabela de la Fuente, her character in Netflix’s ‘Control Z’ was positioned as one of the favorites of the series, and it is that this helped to give the visibility that is often lacking when issues of gender identity are discussed.

The character managed to get many to identify, so she managed to connect due to the personality that could be seen in her, because He was quite vulnerable. without losing the style that gave it a lot of character.

The series not only touched on issues of his identity, since another of its characteristics is that it gives know different problems such as bullying and harassment that transgender peoplebreaking stereotypes about what is believed in the community.

The actress has spoken on several occasions about how important it is for her to represent the community in the way he is doing it, in all audiovisual projects.

“I think we still have a lot of work to do to represent these stories and individuals in an authentic and respectful way. Especially that it is multidimensional” was what the actress commented in an interview about what she thinks of the representation.

One of the things he cares about the most is the labels that can be imposed on him; well in different occasions are shown to identity as personalityso one of her goals is not to be identified as ‘the transgender actress’.

Zión has spoken that his example to follow is Hunter Schaferen, who plays Jules in ‘Euphoria’, since the series represents her perfectly, letting her true personality shine through and not letting being transgender define what she does. “The fact that she was trans was not part of the main story of the series and I think there have to be more movies and series that are like that so that people can see that we are all human.”

Despite the fact that it is currently accepted as it is, the reality is that it has not been so easy to travel that complicated path, because one of the things with which he has struggled the mosthas been with being true to herself, to what she feels and what she believes in order to maintain her essence.

For many years, society prevented her from loving herself, so something that helped her follow her path was following people like her, so that in this way I could feel supported.

“Although society and popular content teach us not to love ourselves, we have to look for people who see us and support us. Never ever stop believing in yourself, knowing who you are and feeling sure of yourself.. No one can take away your identity, no one can take away your essence, ”was one of the pieces of advice he gave his followers.

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