“Zillion” beats “Zot van A.” after 12 years out of the top 20 best Flemish films: “If it had to happen, I’m glad it’s from ‘Zillion’” | Movie

MovieIt goes hard, harder, harder for the ‘Zillion’. Meanwhile, more than 450,000 people have already seen the Flemish film in cinemas. A great success, which the printed media currently also ranks in twentieth place in the top twenty of the most seen Flemish films in cinemas.

‘Zillion’ director Robin Pront beats Jan Verheyen (59) with his ‘Zot van A.’ (2010), from the list. Verheyen replies on Instagram, but he’s far from dejected: “Congratulations to Robin Pront and his amazing ‘Zillion’ crew,” Verheyen writes. And he continues: “The film now has more than 450,000 visitors and after twelve years it plays my ‘Zot van A.’ from the Flemish Top-20 of all time.” But Verheyen concludes on a positive note: “If it’s going to happen, I’m glad it’s from Robin and ‘Zillion’,” he concludes.

Matteo Simoni – who appeared in both ‘Zot van A.’ as can be seen in ‘Zillion’ – responds very gratefully to Jan Verheyen’s message: “Without ‘Zot van A.’ I may have never been in the “Zillion”! So thank you Jan!” writes the actor.

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Matteo Simoni in ‘Zot van A.’ (left) and in ‘Zillion’ (right) © rr/KFD

“Zillion” is likely to add more victims to the list in the coming days and weeks. The film was so successful that it is expected to move up a few places. Or did “Zillion” take first place? It remains to be seen. The film will therefore have to overthrow ‘Loft’ by Erik Van Looy (with 1,194,434 admissions in theaters), ‘Koko Flanel’ (with 1,082,000 admissions in theaters) and ‘Hector’ (with 933,000 admissions in theaters) by Stijn Coninx.

View Jan Verheyen’s Instagram post here:

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