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Zhang Yixing’s five appearances on CCTV Spring Festival Gala are the only single stage among post-90s artists_TOM News

Last night, Zhang Yixing appeared on the stage of the 2021 CCTV Year of the Ox Spring Festival Gala, presenting the original song “Picture Scroll” to audiences across the country. Different from the Spring Festival Gala stage in previous years, this year’s stage was presented separately by Zhang Yixing and his chromosome team, which is still the first among post-90s artists in this year’s Spring Festival Gala. It is rare for Zhang Yixing to perform alone on a stage like the Spring Festival Gala. As a “junior generation” artist born in the 1990s, Zhang Yixing’s ability to participate in the Spring Festival Gala alone is not only CCTV’s recognition of Zhang Yixing’s strength, but also his positive image and creation. Affirmation of “Chinese style” music style.

That night, Zhang Yixing sang and danced on the stage with passion, and presented a new stage “Picture Scroll”, which he created for the Spring Festival Gala this year. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Yixing himself participated in the writing and composition of the song. At the same time, in order to better present the songs and stage, he personally took part in the whole production process and also participated in the choreography of the dance. The whole song continues Zhang Yixing’s consistent creative M-POP style in recent years, combining Chinese style with street dance. The lyrics are elegant and poetic. The arrangement combines traditional instruments such as zither, pipa, drum, flute, and Xiao with the soundtrack of the film. Through the overall flow of string music, each different chapter is expressed in a different musical form. In terms of dance, it integrates Chinese classical dance, street dance choreography and deceptive dance. The powerful dance moves are parallel with the difficult movements, which perfectly blends the sense of power and beauty. In addition, in order to impress the audience with the memory of the stage, Zhang Yixing has a unique ingenuity in the choreography process, “Atmosphere! Atmosphere!” Not only danced his love for the motherland and excellent traditional culture, but also celebrated the Spring Festival Gala. The concept of “Join the whole country” is rooted in creation, so that all audiences can follow the music and join the dance team. The stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala not only showed Zhang Yixing’s singing and dancing ability, but also highlighted his advanced ideas and talents in song creation and production. He has been trying to incorporate traditional Chinese culture into his music and dance, trying to convey Chinese stories on stage in a younger way, so that fans all over the world love “Chinese style” music.

Since 2017, this year is the fifth time Zhang Yixing has appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala. His previous works on the Spring Festival Gala stage are also remarkable, deeply loved and recognized by the audience. “Healthy Movement”, “The Best Stage” and “Chinese Wedding”, the choreography is simple and neat, the singing voice is clean and transparent, and the cool and sweet winds collide wonderfully on the stage, which perfectly interprets the Xing-style balance. And the most memorable thing is the backflip on the Spring Festival Gala last year. A highly difficult backflip was temporarily added to the “New Year’s Disco” program. Zhang Yixing, who could have been rejected, took up this arduous “task” with a waist injury for the stage effect. I spent a lot of time practicing in three days. During the rehearsal, I slipped my feet and fell straight on my face. My cheeks were blue, the corners of my mouth were broken, and my knees were broken. In the end, even the Spring Festival Gala officials were moved and sent a Weibo admiration: “You look good at working hard!” He once said in the Spring Festival Gala interview: “As a singer, you should take every stage seriously and don’t want to disappoint so many staff behind. “Being on the Spring Festival Gala stage for five consecutive years is an affirmation of Zhang Yixing’s professional ability and dedication, and also fully reflects the recognition of Zhang Yixing’s ability and enthusiasm by the Spring Festival Gala program group.

The Spring Festival Gala is the end of a year’s stage, and it also means that the new year’s route is about to start. Looking forward to the all-round artist Zhang Yixing in the new year to continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, and ride the waves.

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