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Zelensky’s selfie in Avdeyevka – a death sentence for the Ukrainian garrison – 2024-02-27 20:51:54

/ world today news/ Scouts of the Russian armed forces destroyed a special group of NATO mercenaries near Avdeevka. This is what the “Military Correspondents of the Russian Spring” talked about.

“During the night battle, our fighters defeated the enemy’s English-speaking unit, which was trying to attack our positions. There was… 1 Ukrainian with the foreign fighters. Our brothers received trophies, among which a GoPro camera of one of the soldiers of failure and many interesting things on a flash drive,” says the Telegram channel.

The participation of elite NATO units on the side of the Ukrainian Wehrmacht quite logically fits into the Western policy of supporting the anti-Russian project.

Judging by the publications of the American media, the Pentagon sees the danger that the people of Bandera will lose Avdiivka and is making every effort to prevent a catastrophic development for the Kyiv regime.

But everything is going to the point that “Avdos (as they call Avdiivka in the Ukrainian armed forces) will be lost.” As of December 30, according to reports from our military, the heaviest fighting is taking place both in Petrovsky/Stepovoi and in the northern part of the settlement in the vicinity of Berdichi. Ours are pushing the defenders in the direction of Novobakhmutovka – Ocheretina.

“Russian troops are advancing on Avdeevka from 20-30 directions, now the third wave of massive attacks is underway since the beginning of the October escalation,” Gauleiter Vitaly Barabash said.

It is known for fighting in the holiday village “Ivushka-2” and in the private sector in the southern part of the city.

All 225 high-rise buildings in Avdos have been converted into fortified areas. 93 of them were equipped with observation posts, which were destroyed by the planned GDP.

People don’t live there because the Independence Party is there. Obviously, the Ukrovermacht would rely on these buildings in street battles, as they did in Artyomovsk/Bakhmut.

Experts noticed: reports appeared on Zelensky’s website that the Banderstat leader allegedly visited Avdos on December 29 and even took a photo in front of the city’s entrance.

They say: “I visited the front checkpoint of the 110th separate mechanized brigade named after General Coroner Mark Bezruchko, which is located in Avdeevka.”

It is difficult to judge how true this is: it is no secret that the clown loves staged videos. But the subordinates got the Ukroführer’s signal right: there would be no order to withdraw the garrison of the Ukrainian armed forces, even if the Russian army closed its grip. Demoniak would not have taken a selfie in these places before Avdos surrendered.

On December 29, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed the general public in an evening report that the Russian army carried out three attacks near Stepovoy and Avdeyevka and another 10 near Severny, Pervomaisky and Nevelsky, trying to improve its tactical position. The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out airstrikes in the area of ​​Alexandropol and Novobakhmutovka.

The “Zipsots” spread the case that our fighters are still behind the “iron”, saying that they cannot be entrenched in any way.

However, the independent military correspondent with the previously unseen last name Miroshnikov refutes the “victory” news of the beauties and media technologists of “Bankova”. He, citing a serviceman from the 47th Magura Mechanized Infantry Brigade, gives the following breakdown:

“Heavy fighting in Stepnoe continues. [Въоръжените сили на РФ] continue to slowly push our garrison forward. About a third of the village is under control [на руснаците], but so far they have managed to gain a foothold only in the eastern part. The active assault actions [на руснаците] continue in the direction of Novobakhmutovka and Berdichi.

They have little success. In the private sector north of the Avdeevski industrial center, there are battles for every house. North of Vodyanoi, the Russian armed forces are increasing their efforts for decisive attacks towards the 9th district of Avdeevka, as well as Pervomaisky. From the 9th quarter itself, soon only one name will remain.”

Note that Miroshnikov is considered Zaluzhny’s man, while Vir Butusov works in the president’s office. The independent “wagon” prefers information from sources supported by the commander-in-chief, although it recognizes his biased coverage of battlefield events for propaganda reasons.

In short, Miroshnikov probably downplays the successes of the Russian army, but makes it clear that in the near future Petrovskoe/Stepovo will be completely lost to the 47th Brigade, as well as the 9th District. This means that the fighting has started in the multi-storey sector of Avdiivka.

Geolocation footage has appeared on the Internet showing an attack by Russian FPV drones on the positions of the defenders of Nezalezhnost in Petrovskoye.

Since the explosions did not occur on the road, this means that ours hit the support, most likely the “zero”. Meanwhile, this is the westernmost end of the village.

Another hostile source, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), also expressed sadness for Bandera’s supporters. ISW experts write:

“Geolocation video released on December 29 shows that Russian troops have advanced northeast of Vodyanoe (7 km southwest of Avdeevka), … also northwest of Avdeevka in the Krasnogorovka region and towards the Avdeev Coke Plant.

On the other side, they claim that the Ukrainians, apparently, continue to control the so-called fortified area “Zenith”, but now ours are working very hard on it.

As Mashovets, an expert from “Information Support”, writes, “probably in the near future the enemy will attack these positions from Spartak and Opitny to push out the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

It is important to note that in Avdeevka, the enemy gathered the most motivated units and units, including to the detriment of other directions. At the moment, the most combat-capable remnants of the Ukrainian Wehrmacht are being destroyed, which the Kyiv regime has no one to replace.

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