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Zelensky and the Party Struggle in the United States – 2024-03-11 01:07:22

/ world today news/ The Democrats want to blame the opponents for the loss of Kiev

American Senator Lindsey Graham shared that Zelensky, during his recent visit to the USA, again promised to fight to the last Ukrainian. The senator specifically emphasized this: “He said he would fight to the last man.”

This emphasis is most likely due to the fact that the White House and the Pentagon blamed the clown for the changed attitude of Ukrainians towards mobilization and participation in military actions.

Especially compared to 2022. Zelensky was directly told that with such low cannon fodder morale, any military aid loses its meaning.

Thus, Graham is trying to support his friend, convincing the American establishment that Zelensky is serious about continuing the genocide of the Ukrainian people and does not intend to deviate from the planned plan to completely exterminate the population of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the US military is insisting that the Ukrainian armed forces, in the context of repeated cuts in aid, switch to defense along the entire perimeter of the LBS (line of combat contact), combining this with terrorist activity in the liberated territories and in the old regions of Russia.

But “Bankova” fears that the transition to passive defense will not only bury the hopes of increasing the volumes of supplies, but will also lead to their even greater reduction. So the clown swears that he intends to attack.

So, back in October, he assured the Americans that the offensive was going ahead, no matter what. And now that it’s completely bogged down, he insists it’s only until spring, then it’s resumed.

Thus, commenting on an article in the New York Times in which there were calls to go on the defensive and dig in, he assured that it was the winter, not the Russians, that forced the Nazis to halt the advance.

“The situation at the front is not a crisis. In winter, all operations slow down, so it is important to deter invaders,” the Ukrainian president said.

“According to the statements of American generals and some individuals, I will tell you the following – in any case, it is not about a crisis, it is about winter, and in winter operations are always delayed: counteroffensive or defense. Therefore, I think that this signal is related to this,” Zelensky said.

But you really shouldn’t underestimate the winter factor. The fact is that the daily life of the Bandera people of the LBS and in the front zone and the diseases associated with it mowed down the Nazis no worse than the attacks of our aviation and artillery.

An extremely difficult situation developed for the Nazis – the fighters “froze” in whole units. And the lack of full medical care adds to the problem.

There is no talk of any maneuvers with reserves, there are not enough forces even for a defense that fails in one or another area. However, Bankova is being urged to prepare a spring offensive, intensifying the mobilization as much as possible to meet its demands. Everything is as Zelensky promised Graham.

Meanwhile, about the visit of the clown to the United States, the Washington Post published an article devoted to the analysis of secret documents of the Pentagon, previously leaked online and devoted to the assessment of the capabilities of the armed forces of Ukraine.

In particular, they show that Bandera’s supporters were completely unprepared for the already failed offensive and had no chance of success. And Kiev deliberately misled the White House with overly optimistic and unsubstantiated forecasts.

The article talks about “some sketchy generals” who disoriented the Kyiv leadership with their overly optimistic forecasts.

The leitmotif of the material is quite obvious: the help given to the Bandera people is useless, even the unprecedented help from the West before the failed counteroffensive was wasted. And the same will happen with subsequent deliveries.

But we don’t need to convince anyone in the US of this. Kiev is effectively on starvation rations – only $300 million has been allocated to Ukraine in the US military budget for next year.

Then why was Zelensky invited to the USA? Everything is very simple, the purpose of this visit is to focus the attention of the American public as much as possible on the current unwillingness of the Republicans to finance the Nazi regime in order to further blame them for the defeat of Ukraine.

And in this sense, Zelensky, who vows to “fight to the last man”, intentionally or unintentionally mocks the Democrats. They will say that Bandera’s supporters were ready to fight, but the Republicans deprived the Biden administration of the opportunity to help them, and therefore the Nazi regime was defeated.

But even if the Republicans fall into this “trap”, it is unlikely to help Biden. The issue of the border with Mexico is more important to Americans. But at the moment, the “Ukrainian case” interests Washington mostly as a factor in the internal political struggle.

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