Zamalek is preparing to receive its symbols in the pause of support Mortada Mansour

Zamalek club officials began making final arrangements on the club’s covered hall to receive the symbols and stars of Zamalek, who agreed to organize a stand of support for Counselor Mortada Mansour, President of the White Castle at noon on Wednesday. Mansour, president of the club, in his crisis with the Olympic Committee, which made strange decisions against Mansour.

The former Zamalek star added that the stand for athletes will start shortly, with the participation of all the stars of the sports teams in all games, and it will be within the walls of the club to emphasize the standing, support and support of the advisor Mortada Mansour, who leads Zamalek to a sports and construction renaissance and fulfills the aspirations of the fans and members.

Zamalek lounge equipment to support Mortada Mansour


Zamalek lounge equipment to support Mortada Mansour


The Olympic Committee had issued decisions to suspend Mortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Sports Club, from practicing any sporting activity in Egypt for a period of four years (4 years) and to fine him an amount of one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds only with the consequences of that, without approving his representation of the club Zamalek for sports in front of others and the judiciary regarding the club, and not to assume the presidency of any meetings or general assemblies or the board of directors of the Zamalek Sports Club for the duration of the moratorium, and not to count his signature on any procedure or correspondence, or others related to the Zamalek club, especially financial issues or authorization In it, the Vice Chairman of the Zamalek Sports Club and members of the Board of Directors must call for the first ordinary general assembly to include an item for elections for vacant seats, and in particular the seat of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


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